Sony: Smarter Data Drives Smarter Mobile Advertising: Sony 4K Local Campaign

Campaign Summary

Leading up to Father's Day, Sony promoted its 4K TV line using a highly-targeted mobile campaign. The goal of the campaign was to drive visitation to physical locations of a large electronics retail chain.


Objective and Context:

Sony wanted to measure the 4K Local Campaign's ability to drive foot traffic into stores and lead to subsequent sales of 4K TV. It also wanted to analyze purchase behavior using location data.

Target Audience:

Sony had two primary audiences for the campaign: current Sony customers who intended to buy 4K TVs and friends of Sony 4K TV purchasers. It also wanted to build awareness among "lookalike audiences," consumers who mirrored the behavior of 4K TV purchase intenders and their friends.

Creative Strategy:

Sony measured foot traffic to gauge the campaign's success. Its ability to measure customer visits throughout the day allowed it to make the campaign more targeted.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Sony first turned to its first-party CRM data, which tied to 4K TV sales. Next, it turned to mobile, a medium effective not only for geographic targeting but increasingly for contextually-relevant targeting. Its goal was to use targeting to reach Sony consumers in the right place at the right time.

Mobile Execution:

Sony partnered with PlaceIQ to use its CRM data to identify look-alike audiences who mirrored Sony's pre-existing audiences, using location data. It used mobile location data to deliver the most relevant message and to see if that message actually resulted in a visit to a major retailer to look at a 4K TV. Finally, in-store visits of consumers who were exposed to the campaign were measured and analyzed.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Using CRM data in tandem with location data allowed Sony to find, analyze, and engage with key consumers in a highly targeted, localized way. As a result of the campaign, engagement increased, with the targeted core being more likely to click a banner ad to locate a store. Most important, foot traffic was up among people who saw Sony's targeted ads.

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