Fiat: Fiat’s Test Drive-In

Campaign Summary

Fiat's "Test Drive-In" campaign used the radio frequency at local drive-in movie theaters in Brazil to engage potential consumers in the new Fiat Toro and give them the opportunity to schedule a test-drive — right from the comfort of their own car. The campaign reached thousands of people and boosted real test-drive rates.


Objective and Context:

Brazil's economic crisis had a huge impact on the car industry. In January 2016, car sales were 38.8 percent lower in comparison to the same period last year.

To successfully launch its new car, the Fiat Toro, Fiat wanted to engage potential consumers by showcasing the car's new features, and get the audience to schedule a test drive.

Target Audience:

Fiat's target audience was drivers in Brazil who were in the market for a new car.

Creative Strategy:

The "Test Drive-In" campaign gave consumers a chance to experience the new Fiat Toro from the comfort of their own cars at a local drive-in movie theater.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Before the drive-in movie started, Fiat aired a commercial asking the audience to unlock their smartphones. Then the commercial sent a voice command to the smartphones, using the Google App technology "Ok Google." The smart phones automatically opened Fiat's website, where a 360-degree image allowed the users to navigate the inside of the Fiat Toro and compare it to their own cars as the features were simultaneously described on the radio. After the "Test Drive-In," consumers could schedule a real test-drive with a local dealership at the click of a button.

Mobile Execution:

The first step was to build the online platform where the gyroscope technology would enable an immersive experience of the Fiat Toro's interior. Then Fiat created the commercial that would trigger the mobile phones through the radio.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

In one month, the campaign reached 36,000 people, increasing in-person test-drives by 314 percent.

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