KFC: KFC Bucket Ria Promotion

Campaign Summary

To generate demand for its family combo meal, the Bucket Ria, and stand out in the crowded fast food market, KFC Malaysia created a Bucket Ria promotion campaign consisting of two mobile ad units. The campaign successfully boosted Bucket Ria sales and customer engagement with KFC.


Objective and Context:

KFC Malaysia wanted to generate demand for its family combo meal, the Bucket Ria, while simultaneously standing out in the crowded fast food market. The combo meal was not among KFC's more popular products in the region and needed a promotion to increase sales.

Target Audience:

KFC's Bucket Ria promotion was targeted at families, parents, and teenagers. KFC used technology to identify key targets based on location (residential areas and schools), context (visits to parenting sites), and behavior (previous engagement with fast food campaigns.)

Creative Strategy:

KFC knew that to generate demand it needed to forge deep emotional connections with its target audience, so the campaign had two goals:

  1. Show individuals that they need to take a break from their busy lifestyles by enjoying priceless moments with the family.
  2. Remind individuals that happy moments don't have to cost much.

Mobile Execution:

Campaign messaging was delivered via two mobile ad units: a pull-down banner and a rotating ad unit that turned the smartphone into a wallet. For the pull-down ad, a banner asked questions such as "When was the last time you had dinner with your family?" When clicked, KFC suggested bringing the family together with Bucket Ria. Consumers could then swipe the screen to view a mobile ad video highlighting the importance of family togetherness during dinnertime.

The rotating ad unit was used to drive sales. After users clicked the ad, they were prompted to rotate their phones so their mobile screen could transform into an open wallet and deliver the message that the KFC Bucket Ria brings happiness for the whole family at a reasonable cost. Consumers were then given information about a Bucket Ria promotion.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

KFC was able to increase sales by 7 percent compared to the previous year. Other campaign metrics included:

  • 6 percent click-through rate
  • 86 percent engagement rate
  • 45 percent of users watched the full mobile ad video
  • 33 percent of users clicked through to the mobile website

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