Ford: Ford Navidad

Campaign Summary

Although Ford was a highly recognized brand, it was perceived negatively by many consumers. People viewed Ford as "an arrogant brand that only cared about earning more money." Ford used a digital video campaign during the holiday season to change this negative view and make a genuine connection with consumers. It wanted to show them that it appreciated and valued its customers.


Objective and Context:

The objective of the campaign was to generate video engagement by making an emotional connection with consumers to alter their negative brand perceptions.

Target Audience:

Ford's principal target was 30-year-old men and women. It also aimed to obtain a new database of customers by reaching a secondary target of 18- to 20-year-old men and women.

Creative Strategy:

For the "Ford Navidad" campaign, Ford put a spin on the typical scenes of gift-giving to demonstrate that the gift the brand received was its customers. It used VDX (video-driven experience) adhesion billboards for display and VDX adhesion banners for mobile. The mobile ads ran on tablets and smartphones through the Exponential Premium Network.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Because the company knew that its target audiences were most likely to be engaged via their smartphones, Ford's strategy focused on mobile.

Mobile Execution:

Ford Navidad was a hybrid campaign that combined TV and digital advertising, which included a VDX adhesion banner that started out as a floating banner that used only 10 percent of a screen. Once a user clicked on it, it expanded into a full video, and after three seconds, it adjusted so the user could see a frame with CTAs. The total budget for the campaign was 257,150 MXN$. Seventy percent of that went to mobile.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The Ford Navidad campaign achieved its goals with 1,595,690 impressions and 15,223 expansions. With a 100 percent delivery rate and an engagement rate of 0.95 percent, Ford was able to maintain a good brand presence in the market. Additionally, users who engaged with the campaign seemed genuinely interested in the brand, demonstrated by the post-expansion CTR of 31.16 percent and an average time spent of 27.13 seconds in the expanded unit. The video completion rate on the ad unit was 11.98 percent, from 37,779 total interactions. Ford drove 4,744 click-throughs to the landing page.

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