Wynk: Music on the Go


Client: Airtel
Brand: Wynk Music
Category: Entertainment, Media, Sports
Country: India
Year: 2016


Campaign Summary

Airtel's Wynk Music has been among the top three apps in the music category in India. Getting installs has never been a problem, but Wynk has always wanted to work on long-term user value and increase song streaming in its app. In this campaign, the brand worked at keeping its existing database of highly engaged users as the custom audience and then targeted them with relevant communication.


Objective and Context

The objective was to create long term value for the user and increase song streaming on the Wynk app. To capture song streaming data in real-time, Wynk used the Appsflyer mobile tracking tool and optimized the campaign accordingly. This led to more song streams per user and eventually helped Wynk exceed campaign KPIs.

With the help of data and analytics, Wynk got an insight into a particular segment of the audience that engaged much more with the app than others, so the idea became to source similar audiences based on the current audience. The target audience was highly active users of the Wynk Music app.


Creative Strategy

The brand analysed Wynk’s existing user behaviour and realised that average song streaming per user from high-end smartphones was 18 percent higher than from users of low-end smartphones. The campaign strategy was to target high-end mobile device users with the help of existing Wynk consumer data to drive more post-install song streaming.

Creative communication was customized using first-party consumer data. Users were shown relevant communication customized to their music consumption behaviour. This highly contextual communication resulted in better clickthrough and conversion rates. Deferred deep-linking was enabled so that post-installation users landed on the app page for which communication was shown. This helped in creating a seamless user experience.

Wynk witnessed significant increases in post-install streaming. Utilization of existing data and analytics has helped target the right set of highly active users. 

All of the budget was spent on mobile. Targeting highly active users was only possible via media platforms which provide custom audience targeting, so Facebook and Google’s audience targeting features was utilized as a base for the campaign. Highly engaged user sets were targeted via Google Search, YouTube and Facebook App install ads and optimization was done based on user app consumption patterns.

Song streaming was monitored in real-time and tracked via the mobile app tracking tool, which gave media insights to drive streaming.



Here are details of campaign results:

  • At the end of the campaign, the cost-per-click was reduced by 32 percent, and the conversion rate went to 8 percent.
  • This generated 1.87 million installs in 30 days with 34 million streams.
  • Overall monthly streams were increased by 21 percent, exceeding the Wynk team’s KPI of 10 percent. 
  • Wynk Music moved from No. 3 to No. 1 in the app store. 



  • Gold award winner in the category of “Relationship Building/CRM” – India.

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