Disney Pixar: "Finding Dory" Indonesian Release


Client: Disney Pixar
Brand: "Finding Dory"
Category: Entertainment, Media, Sports
Agency: Dentsu and Opera Mediaworks
Country: Indonesia
Year: 2016


Campaign Summary

Disney Pixar and Denstu enlisted the help of Opera Mediaworks to conduct a campaign in June 2016 to drive awareness of the box office release of Finding Dory

As audiences were familiar with the trailers on TV, Disney Pixar and Dentsu needed to recreate the same experience on mobile. Disney used Opera Mediaworks’ Instant-Play™ Video with its Dynamic End Card on smartphones to do this. The campaign delivered a great consumer experience, but more importantly it ensured that consumers ‘got-to-know’ eight key characters: Dory, Nemo, Marlin, Destiny and others before they even entered the movie theater.


Objective and Context

The objective of this campaign was to create a mobile experience that would excite the target audience -- including children, families and Disney Pixar enthusiasts -- to watch the film and drive ticket sales. 

Trailers were the key to drive audiences to the theaters but the challenge was that Indonesia has a 48 percent stall rate for mobile video. Also the Disney Pixar team knew from their research that consumers would be more likely to watch Finding Dory in theaters if they built a connection to the characters before the release.

Disney Pixar and Dentsu identified parents with kids and Disney enthusiasts through Opera Mediaworks' audience management platform tapping into those who had previously engaged with other Disney campaigns. It used kids' games to engage with them.


Creative Strategy

As was said above, to engage users in a unique and compelling manner, Disney Pixar and Dentsu introduced the characters to the target. Making the audience familiar with the characters drives a much higher purchase intent, intent that Disney Pixar and Dentsu captured by also adding a function that would remind people when the movie was being released on their phones, and allow them to go to the mobile website to buy tickets. 

The mobile ad aimed to reach and build rapport with the key Disney Pixar audiences, including children, families and Disney Pixar enthusiasts. Released in both English and Bahasa Indonesian, Disney Pixar wanted to ensure the ad engagement was able to build goodwill with the target audience and celebrated the Indonesian language as well as the rich visual storytelling of the film. 

The Dynamic End Card technology ensured that the campaign shattered small screen engagement records and ultimately ensured that Finding Dory secured a high box office take in Indonesia. In fact, it was the highest box office ever for an animated feature in Indonesia. The end card worked by bringing to life the rich and detailed coral reef, the backdrop of Finding Dory. Disney Pixar and Dentsu recognized that Indonesian consumers were more likely to purchase movie tickets if they had a connection with the characters, therefore once users played the video to completion, the Dynamic End Card was served, allowing the user the opportunity to interact with the movie’ s coral reef on their phone in a variety of ways including, video, pictures, biography and even a translator from English. There was even a reminder to add the movie's release to the consumer's calendar.



The Finding Dory campaign results were phenomenal, showing that users were highly engaged with the immersive experience provided by very well-designed creative. 

Specific results are confidential, but here are some metrics on how the video performed. There was:

  • A 97 percent video completion rate.
  • An overall average engagement rate of 10.41 percent.  
  • An average of 20 seconds spent on the ad.
  • A three percent average of users adding the movie release to their calendars.  
  • An average six post-click engagements by each user. 

Finding Dory hit at the box office and set the record for the highest weekend opener sales for an animated film ever in Indonesia.


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