Unilever Indonesia: 1001 Inspirasi Ramadhan


Client: Unilever
Category: Consumer Packaged Goods
Country: Indonesia
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

Every year, 220 million Indonesians celebrate Ramadhan, a month-long fast to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief. As the biggest celebration of the year, consumption is at an annual high. Many companies see this as an opportunity to increase their sales. This leads to high media clutter during the eight-week Ramadhan period.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Unilever wanted to increase its sales for highly relevant categories during the season like the food additive brand Royco and the dishwashing brand Sunlight, as well as increasing relevance for less popular brands like the personal care brands Rexona and Ponds. Rather than opting for separate brand campaigns as done before, Unilever wanted to leverage its strength in highly relevant categories to also cross-sell other less relevant brands.

So for the first time, Unilever was tasked to develop a multi-brand campaign that would address the objective of sales growth targeting Indonesian moms -- while standing out from competition and clutter.


Objective and Context

The campaign objective was sales growth amongst Indonesian moms, who are at the heart of all Ramadhan celebrations and preparations. They see their role as being the enabler of a perfect Ramadhan for their families, preparing the food for breaking fast, encouraging their children to fast and follow good Islamic practice, as well as welcoming visitors into their homes during the holy month.

This campaign was a bold move for Unilever, being the first campaign that covered all 33 Unilever brands in one campaign. It was also the first campaign where digital was the primary channel and had the lion’s share of media investment. Overall, the campaign allowed Unilever to reach the target across the most relevant touch points – outdoor, TV and digital.

Indonesians see Ramadhan as a time for 1000 blessings. If one follows the prayers and fasting, one can multiply his or her blessings and be reborn as a Muslim – a fresh start that would wash away all previous sins.


Creative Strategy

Indonesian moms were already hungry for inspiration and looking for solutions to help them have the perfect Ramadhan. What if inspiration found them, instead of them looking for it?

So Unilever created the "1001 Inspirasi Ramadhan" campaign, which would reach moms at the most relevant time with the most relevant content to provide inspiration to meet the challenges during Ramadhan.

Given the high clutter during the season, Unilever did not want to rely on traditional advertising to reach the target. Besides, if Unilever wanted its high growth brands to be more competitive, it needed to find a channel to provide more timely and relevant solutions than pre-programmed TV spots. Hence, it focused on digital as the primary channel to activate the campaign.

Unilever provided timely, agile content across many formats to moms -- highlighting different Unilever solutions. This was a differentiator versus the competition, because only Unilever, with all of its brands, was able to help moms create the perfect Ramadhan for their families by providing them with 1001 ways to do so.

The campaign provided the perfect platform for moms to discover less Ramadhan-relevant brands since Unilever would hook them with their top interests, such as food and homecare, and then eventually also link to other products and solutions highlighting Unilever products.

The campaign architecture centered on distributing content across various platforms. While Unilever had a mobile hub where 1001 inspirations could be found, all of these would be discoverable through various paid and earned channels – search, video, display and social media all played an important role in distributing the content.

TV and out-of-home also created awareness for the campaign to pique the target's interest and drive searches for Ramadan inspirasi.

In-store partnerships were created to highlight special promotions that would link inspiration to actual purchase. Unilever bundled multiple products to help moms with their most important needs.

Unilever also worked with top Indonesian e-commerce channels Blibli.com and GoJek to make it easier to link inspiration to purchasing solutions. Women could read a recipe for break-fasting and easily click on a "Buy Now" button that would lead to an e-commerce site or one of the offline stores highlighting the promotion.

With time spent on mobile highest for Indonesians, mobile played a critical role in reaching the audience at the right time with the right message. Unilever studied online behaviour, searches, and conversation to understand what information was needed by when.

Unilever used these insights to plan and phase the right content. It would delivered 15-second videos for mobile, which were shorter edits of TV commercials, since consumers wanted quick inspiration on their phones.

On YouTube, Unilever created 20 versions of five-second bumper videos that would change depending on the keyword consumers searched for on the channel. This made sure it highlighted related recipes depending on what food recipe moms were looking at. The same was done for beauty-related keywords.

Unilever worked with more than fifty content creators and publishers to produce and distribute inspiring content in the form of tips, FAQs, recipes and how-to’s that were published as articles, infographics and videos.

In the end, Unilever created 1001 pieces of content as inspiration that was housed at the mobile site 1001ramadhaninspirasi.com. Those who visited the site were delighted to see that the content would change depending on the time of day, as food recipes change depending if it is sahur or break-fasting, and also based on content they had already accessed -- for those who were visiting the site again. It dynamically updated based on what moms needed to see.

Unilever worked with Google to provide entertainment content to consumers while they were traveling home during Mudik through YouTube Offline – a first in South East Asia!



Here's what the campaign achieved:

  • While Ramadhan is always a high sales period for Unilever, this Inspirasi Ramadhan campaign delivered 17 percent more sales than the previous year.
  • During the campaign period, 1001 Inspirasi Ramadhan scored outstanding results. It delivered Unilever Indonesia’s highest-ever Ramadhan growth with 24 percent more secondary sales, as compared with a target of 12 percent growth.
  • Unilever's e-commerce partners reported sales uplift of two to four times normal due to the campaign.


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