Lovepink: Breasties


Client: Lovepink
Brand: Breasties
Category: Nonprofits & Government
Country: Indonesia
Year: 2016


Campaign Summary

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and the mortality rate of breast cancer victims in Indonesia is high because these women only realize it when it is already at a severe stage. Unfortunately, nothing is done to anticipate late detection. The idea of a medical checkup is not second nature to many women in Indonesia.

So what was needed to do was to remind them -- to change ignorance about the importance of a regular checkup into a monthly self-checkup. Cancer campaigns in Indonesia had one thing in common: Awareness, period. There was a lack of encouragement to take action. So Lovepink wanted to turn the focus from "building awareness" to "taking action."


Objective and Context

The objective of the Lovepink campaign was to build a sense of urgency in the women in Indonesia, by letting them know that it is actually really easy to do a breast check up by themselves in the comfort of their own homes. It was also important that they know this is best done on the seventh day after the first menstruation day.

Lovepink had to face a number of barriers. These included:

Perception -- Women think they don’t need to do a checkup because they just don’t know it could happen to anyone.

Attitude -- They don’t do a regular checkup because they just don’t know that they can easily check it by themselves at home.

Habit -- They forget, simply because they just don’t have a reminder.

Therefore, Lovepink came up with the campaign idea: “Touch it Before it Touches You.”

Lovepink’s intended target audience was women, ages 18 - 35, who are active and build themselves around a tight schedule. They spend their day to day with their daily routines, and reminders are necessary to get their day going. They have classes or office hours and also have a social life that keeps them busy after hours, so most days they tend to forget about the importance of their well-being. Although aware of the various types of illness around them, they go to medical checkups only when they actually are sick. Therefore, the idea of prevention is far from their minds, and they are too used to the idea of checking up only when it is needed.


Creative Strategy

Lovepink needed to find a medium that these women would listen to most, so it introduced Breasties, an application that makes a woman's breast come to life, talk to them and be their friend, too. On the seventh day of the user’s menstrual cycle, Breasties notifies females and reminds them to perform a self-check with a step by step series of movements. It doesn’t stop there, because this app also gives women information about the nearest hospital to do a checkup and also a list of recommended doctors that they can visit.

The Breasties app showed a significant change of habit and attitude about breast exams among young females. Previous campaigns were only about awareness, but Breasties took awareness to an actionable level with deep engagement.

To activate the app, all women had to do was scan their breast (without taking off their clothes). Then, the photo would automatically turn into a Breasties avatar. Breasties are personalized based on individual character, and tell women the basic steps to do breast checking. Women need to input the data about their period, so that their breast check is scheduled.

The budget was mainly allocated to developing the app since it was the core of the program. And, since this was a non-profit public relations program, it was produced for free in a colaboration with the app developer for Lovepink.

The content that Lovepink put in the app has helped increase the awareness of regular breast checking for early detection of breast cancer. It has also been relevant with the targets of Indonesia’s young women, because they are so attached to their smartphones. Through Breasties, Lovepink makes them feel like they’re talking to their own breasts.

Lovepink launched Breasties during the Jakarta Goes Pink event in 2015, the biggest breast cancer awareness parade during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.



Here are the results:

  • The app was introduced to 500 young females during the Jakarta Goes Pink parade. Lovepink started small since the objective was real behavioral change and required intimate engagement. Three months after launch, Lovepink did a post evaluation, and 70 percent of women did a self-breast check regularly. In that same amount of time, the downloads increased by 700 percent. Surprisingly not only girls, but boys gave the app positive reviews.
  • Lovepink aims to save lives, and it requires a long education process toward young Indonesian females. Lovepink has succeeded in making the first step towards tangible behavioral and attitudinal change.


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