YU Mobiles: World Music Day


Client: Yu Mobiles
Category: Telecommunications
Country: India
Year: 2016


Campaign Summary

YU Mobiles has been positioning itself as a niche lifestyle brand and wanted to strengthen its music association by highlighting the seamless music experience it offers.


Objective and Context

The objective of the campaign was to increase overall brand awareness about YU Mobiles and also increase top-of-mind recall for its handsets.

Since these were handsets targeted at music lovers, YU Mobiles wanted to illustrate the ease with which one can enjoy high quality on YU Mobiles' handsets. To achieve this, the brand wanted to make the largest catalogue of music available via rich media banners.

The target audience was 18 to 34-year-old working professionals, both male and female, for who aesthetics play a role above all else when choosing a device. This audience consists of music lovers, with music being the primary medium they consume on their mobile device. They would, therefore, be extremely enthusiastic about World Music Day.


Creative Strategy

The challenge was to celebrate World Music Day and get users to play their favourite music tracks, while presenting YU as the best mobile handset to enjoy those tracks. The solution was a never before seen mobile ad that brought the choicest music to the target audience's lives. The ad integrated with an API from Indian music service Gaana. It allowed the users to play their favourite tracks, with Gaana's massive library at their disposal, instantaneously and seamlessly. YU Mobiles branding was elegantly embedded throughout the entire ad. #YUPlayMusic was introduced to make the campaign viral across media.  

The media strategy was to reach the target audience through a platform on which they consumed the most media and to use that particular form of media to make them connect with YU Mobiles. The brand's research indicated that the most impactful way was to reach the audience through mobile media and connect with them through music.

Of the total budget, 80 percent was directed towards mobile. All indications pointed towards mobile as the most impactful way to reach the audience, as it is the most widely used platform by the target audience to consume media. Also, given that the brand being promoted was YU Mobiles, devices could be targeted and upgraded to the current YU mobile range.

The mobile component in this case was the main component of the marketing strategy. The mobile channel enabled YU Mobiles to maximize reach and also allowed the brand to target users with lower tier handsets who would be more inclined to change their handset. This directly impacted campaign metrics such as impressions and engagement. The campaign was designed to be high impact and high return on investment without having to consume a gargantuan media budget.



Below are the campaign's results:

  • In a two-day period, YU Mobiles had 200,000 tracks played, an engagement rate north of 8 percent, and with a clickthrough rate of 3 percent.
  • The response to the campaign was overwhelmingly positive and took mobile integration to its zenith in the Indian context. No other advertiser had ever fully and successfully integrated a worldwide music library into a single rich media mobile creative.



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