Airtel: Wynk Launch


Client: Airtel
Brand: Wynk
Category: Entertainment, Media, Sports
Agency: Performics - TLG India Pvt. Ltd.
Country: India
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

When Indian telecommunications company Airtel wanted to launch its music service, Wynk, it sought not only to get users to download it, but also to create a distinction from the other players in the market. It did this through targeting users by their musical interests, and by getting exclusive rights to popular music, which helped maintain the service’s popularity.


Objective and Context

The main objectives of this campaign were to launch Wynk and maximize installs by targeting highly engaged users through all mobile digital touchpoints; to create brand awareness and distinction among the clutter of various players in the market; to bring Wynk into top consideration in the music category and shift the audience from the competition to Wynk; and to reach out through each touch point on mobile by targeting users with the music genres they had demonstrated they liked. Therefore, marketing changed to reflect the music loved by members of the target audience.

The campaign was targeted at young music lovers.


Creative Strategy

With so many players in the music app industry, the major challenge was to bring out the distinctive features of Wynk. The brand did this by using the insight that its customers love to feel special and love to be the star.

Wynk got exclusive rights to release movie music albums like Ungli and exclusively released David Guetta’s latest album Listen. It was critical that the targeting be at the right time and the right place, so the client focused the campaign on periods of the day when the target group spends the most time on mobile and social – after 7 p.m.

The agency and client divided the audience into buckets by interest group. For instance, creative featuring the Indian rapper Honey Singh was used to target people who are his fans, like pop albums and follow Punjabi music. To promote David Guetta’s album, available only on Wynk, the brand identified the top 15 DJs in the world and targeted their fans on search and social.

Mobile is becoming the first screen for the target market. With mobile overtaking desktop in Google searches, the audience was targeted according to the mobile searches they made.

Facebook mobile app downloads in India have risen from 1.56 billion in 2012 to nine billion in 2014, most of which fall into the 16 - 30 age bracket. Facebook was used effectively by targeting groups with creative catering to the music genres favoured by each group.



The campaign launched on September 1, 2014 with 72 organic downloads. By the end of the month there were 500,000 installs with half coming from paid media and the rest being organic. Month-by-month, the installs grew by an average rate of 40 percent. By January 2015, Wynk was ranked 14th on Google Play with Gaana (29th), Guvera (46), Saavn (56) and Hungama (100th) lagging way behind.

Here are additional results:

  • Sixty percent of those who downloaded Wynk remain loyal to it.
  • Due to the consistent performance of the campaign, Wynk’s rank on Google Play has increased without being dependent on additional spending.
  • Since the campaign has gained momentum, it has helped build the brand, which has led to equal amounts of paid and organic installs.


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