Unilever's Close Up: Sing in Your Style


Client: Unilever
Brand: Close Up toothpaste
Category: Health & Beauty
Agency: Mindshare & Adtima
Country: Vietnam
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

In Vietnam, Close Up is the leading brand in the “Freshness” segment of the toothpaste category, with more than 60 percent brand awareness among youth. However within the target market, Close Up was observed as a less exciting and engaging brand. In spite of continuous media campaigns, Close Up was still struggling to win the interest of Vietnamese youth and strengthen the love the target market had traditionally had for the brand.

The challenge was to figure out not only how to strengthen that brand love but also to build more brand awareness by finding something engaging and exciting that would draw the brand’s attention among Vietnamese youth.


Objective and Context

Close Up’s key objectives were to increase brand awareness and make the brand more talked about. Close Up’s target, of youth ages 18 – 24, likes to be Independent and socializes with friends at the coffee shop. They are young, bold, and dynamic. When it comes to love and relationships, they like to be sincere rather than being serious.

Their favourite television shows tend to be singing reality shows, such as The X Factor, Vietnam Idol and The Voice Kids, which they watch for pure entertainment.

More than 90 percent  -- or 8.6 million -- of this group  owns a mobile phone and nearly 72 percent -- or 6.4 million -- of the target group has access to the mobile Internet. Nearly 50 percent of its digital time is spent on mobile, watching videos, playing games, chatting with friends, updating status and uploading selfies on Facebook.


Creative Strategy

During research, the brand discovered just how fanatical Vietnamese youth are about watching singing reality shows. To perform on stage in front of a large crowd, one needs confidence, but many honestly believe they lacked the self-confidence to perform on stage.

Therefore, an idea was born. Close Up launched a contest on mobile which allowed its target to “Sing in Your Style” with “Confidence” using mobile.

Unilever used a cross channel strategy which raised awareness about the contest. It exclusively partnered with Zalo – the No. 1 youth focused media channel in Vietnam -- to reach the Close Up audience. In addition to Zalo, simple media including mobile, Facebook, online public relations, and famous singer Thanh Bui were among the channels used.

For the first time, they used “iVoice technology” on mobile from Zalo that produced an exciting singing contest for Close Up users, which they could  participate in using their mobile device. The technology used the the OTT (over-the-top) platform to enable the “record voice” function.

Nearly 69 percent of the budget went to mobile out of the total digital campaign budget for one month.



The campaign surpassed key performance indicators across all dimensions:

  • Brand awareness of Close Up strengthened by more than three points.
  • Market share nationwide increased by +0.5 percent.
  • Market share in Ho Chi Minh City increased by 0.8 percent within one month, while rival brand Colgate had lost share by 0.5 percent share.
  • The brand imagery “Close Up is Better than Other Brand” increased by more than five points.

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