FrieslandCampina: Dutch Lady's Flying Farm App


Client: FrieslandCampina
Product: Dutch Lady Ready-to-Drink Milk
Category: Consumer Packaged Goods
Agency: Leo Burnett and Mindshare
Country: Vietnam
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

The dairy category in Vietnam generates over $2 billion annually and is considered one of the most competitive categories in the market. In the Ready To Drink Milk (RTDM) category, where 70 percent of consumption is driven by kids, competition is even fiercer. “Pester Power” – in which children pester their parents to buy a certain brand -- is the main force of switching in this category.

The challenge was to stand out from this intense yet repetitive activity of giving away collectibles. Dutch Lady had to do something beyond just promotional “freebies” and get kids excited about interacting and engaging more with the brand.

Dutch Lady decided to integrate mobile into the regular on-pack promotion activities of the brand. Instead of just giving away freebies that can be collected, the brand started a campaign using the tablet and smartphone to provide children with an interactive experience so that they could get more engaged with Dutch Lady.


Objective and Context

All RTDM brands try to use “Pester Power” to woo children in the 4 - 12 year-old age group by constantly launching on-pack promotions aimed at children at least twice a year; these are intended to drive sales and capture share from the competition. Magnet collections, small plastic toys, stickers, collectible pins, erasers, rulers, puzzles and all imaginable freebies are being attached to the packs of milk.

The objective for Dutch Lady was to build affinity among kids and achieve six percent volume sales uplift over the current baseline. To achieve this, the brand created a campaign to engage children consumers and generate "brand love." While TV commercials were created to spread awareness and drive traffic of children into shops, mobile helped in attracting children in a more engaging way than conventional forms.

The secondary target was moms, who make purchase decisions for their families.


Creative Strategy

Even though mothers were just the secondary targets, Dutch Lady needed to ensure that their children ask for our brand.

They realized that while one truth was that kids dictated what milk brand gets bought depending on how attractive it seemed to them, the other fact was that Vietnamese children have become extremely tech-savvy and digitally involved.

In the top six cities in Vietnam, tablet penetration reached over 30 percent of households and there is an over 65 percent penetration of smartphones. Tablets and smartphones have become ubiquitous in Vietnamese homes and kids were the ones who consumed digital content heavily – especially mobile games. Dutch Lady had to do something that piqued the interest of this ‘mobile generation.’

Therefore, it was time to connect Dutch Lady’s promotion activity with brand storytelling and with new possibilities to engage with households.

While continuing with the on-pack collectibles that have become popular in the category, the brand elevated this year’s “Flying Farm” toy collectibles promotion to a whole new level, by introducing an augmented reality mobile app called “Flying Farm” that also gave kids a virtual experience into the world of Dutch Lady.

The mobile app was the gate and the connector between the online and offline worlds, and it contained multiple gaming possibilities for the kids while interacting with the Flying Farm toys they collected from purchasing Dutch Lady milk.

While TV commercials garnered mass attention of the Flying Farm on-pack promotions, the channel through which this idea came alive was in-store. Because of the ‘collectible’ phenomenon in the RTDM category, the brand realized that children would go to grocery stores with parents, see the toy, and – if it was attractive enough --  demand that the brand be bought. Since “Pester Power” is at its most potent at the store, we decided to make the most of this idea at the point-of-purchase. Every four-pack of milk included a ‘Flying Farm toy with the invitation to download the Flying Farm app.

Using augmented reality in the Flying Farm App, kids could scan the Dutch Lady milk pack using smartphones or tablets and they would be transported to the farm world of Matt Truitman, the Dutch farm boy and his side-kick, Bella the cow. They could then interact with Matt by tickling him and taking selfies with him.

They could even scan the collectible Flying Farm toy from their Dutch Lady purchase and Matt would jump on it virtually and fly around the farm on it.

While other marketing channels built awareness, the mobile platform built engagement and interaction.



The campaign produced the following results:

  • While the sales target for this campaign was a six percent increase, Dutch Lady actually surpassed it by 13 percent, achieving a total increase of 19 percent in volume sales.
  • Also, Dutch Lady began appealing more to kids, with more than 27,000 downloads of the app in just four weeks,
  • The huge number of downloads is testimony to the fact that consumers loved the app. As further proof, Flying Farm received an average rating of 4+ in the Google App Store.

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