Macy's: INC Men's Tablet Lookbook


Client: Macy’s
Brand: INC Men’s
Category: Retail
Technology Platform: Padsquad
Country: United States
Year: 2014


Campaign Summary

Mobile engagement platform Padsquad was asked by Macy's to develop a unique tablet-based rich media branding experience that would help drive awareness of INC Men's as a leading fashion brand -- while driving online and in-store sales. The company built a mobile web version of Macy’s print Lookbook, using modern, rich media technology to create a scalable, touch-enabled experience.


Objective and Context

The proliferation of mobile devices has drastically changed consumers’ shopping behaviors. More and more consumers are doing shopping, browsing and research online before or even during their store visits. The campaign’s goal was to bring an enriched Lookbook shopping experience to Macy's defined target audience in an exclusive mobile web environment and influence them at key touchpoints.

Macy's intended audience for the campaign was men ages 30 - 54. The approach to reaching this target included a combination of proprietary first party data and men's lifestyle channel and content targeting. Since Padsquad’s exclusive network of hundreds of tablet and mobile sites are all built on the same technology stack, the platform was able to gather and analyze consumer attributes and behaviors in real-time across its entire footprint of nearly 150 million page views per month. Padsquad could also gather data on page views and page content consumption, analyzing the mobile consumer attributes in real-time - looking at behavior, demographics, location and device. Additionally, the agency also gathered data on all site searches as each site had built in search functionality.


Creative Strategy

The creative strategy was to produce a highly interactive, innovative and shoppable Lookbook for Macy's male target on the mobile web. The campaign’s approach was to combine the beauty of the Macy's print Lookbook with modern, mobile, rich media technology, creating a scalable, touch-enabled experience that gave users the ability to browse and shop spring trends through the use of hotspot functionality. In addition, the Lookbook contained  a dynamic store locator with map feature, as well as dozens of links to a full eCommerce destination to power a fully-functional and shoppable brand ad. It was certainly equivalent to a brand website and had never been done before on tablet on the mobile web. This solution aligned extremely well with the optimized tablet web environment in which the content was delivered.

This was a first-year campaign, executed by Padsquad for Macy's. The exceptional results led to additional business for the agency in the Macy's MMG division and additional Lookbook executions supporting additional Macy's INC collections. In fact, Padsquad’s success with this type of execution opened the door to new brand advertisers in other categories with other Lookbook-type creative.

Approximately 20 percent of the campaign's budget went to mobile.



A Fortune 100 brand, Macy's was ranked as the #1 retail marketer in 2012 in terms of U.S. measured media ad spend, at $824 million, but only had a one percent share of U.S. retail sales, according to Ad Age’s 2014 Marketing Report..

The campaign achieved exceptional results and exceeded the client's expectations, which impacted incremental business in subsequent quarters and resulted in a prospering long-term partnership. Overall performance surpassed benchmarks by13 times for the interaction rate and 6 times for the clickthrough rate.

Actual results included a 13 percent interaction rate, an 11% clickthrough rate and 89 percent viewability, as analyzed by MOAT.

The campaign’s effect on market impact is shown through its exceptionally high interaction rate, proving that consumers enjoyed the campaign’s enriched brand experience.


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