: Hindustan Unilever Limited: Lux Be the Star


Client: Hindustan Unilever Limited
Product: Lux bar soap
Category: Health & Beauty
Agency: PHD India
Country: India
Year: 2014


Campaign Summary

Lux is a brand of soap that has been popular in India for over 100 years. Lux has a long association with Bollywood actresses, who have served as brand ambassadors in its advertising since it launched in 1909. Lux wanted to leverage its link to Bollywood celebrities by engaging consumers via mobile to enhance brand recall.

Lux's challenge was to figure out how to reach consumers at lower income levels over mobile and to maximize the company's Bollywood connection.


Objective and Context

Lux wanted to engage consumers using a contest via mobile phone, using the brand's Bollywood and celebrity connections to enhance brand recall.

Lux consumers are known to be die-hard Bollywood fans, and the brand's target audience members are known mobile entertainment fans -- so Lux's parent company, Hindustan Unilever, wanted to give consumers a chance to enter to win a starring role in a television commercial alongside their favorite celebrity.


Creative Strategy

Lux recognized that its customers were becoming increasingly mobile-savvy, but also that the contest mechanism had to be simplified to make it easily accessible, especially for consumers with lower income levels.

To drive the campaign, various offline and television promotions were used to create buzz about a mobile number on which users were asked to leave a voicemail message. After leaving a message, users received a callback with a recorded message from Bollywood star and Lux brand ambassador Katrina Kaif, who welcomed the user and invited them to audition for the next Lux television commercial.

To audition, users simply recorded their message after a beep. Users could re-record or listen to their auditions by redialing the promoted number.



The campaign was a phenomenal success in terms of generating participation and interaction:

  • The campaign received a total of 8.8 million calls.
  • The number received 2.9 million messages, from 2.67 million unique callers/participants.
  • Users called back 5.8 million times to re-listen to their own recordings.
  • On average, consumers called back twice per entry to hear their own recording again.


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