Ford: Tourneo Courier Launch


Client: Ford
Product: Tourneo Courier
CategoryAutomotive, Motorcycles
Agency: mobilike + Ontarget
Country: Turkey
Year: 2014


Campaign Summary

Ford, one of the best automakers in the world, sought to introduce the new model Ford Tourneo Courier (Yol Durumu)™ in Turkey and increase its local market share using the mobile platform. The Ford Tourneo Courier, a compact people mover, offers outstanding space combined with best-in-class fuel efficiency and safety feature availability, making it an ideal vehicle for the crowded streets of Istanbul.

Mobile sponsorships are not common in Turkey, so the main challenge for the brand was to introduce a new product to the automotive market in an unconventional, innovative way.

Objective and Context

Every year, millions of people visit, move to and seek job opportunities in Istanbul, one of the most popular and developed cities in the region. (More than 100,000 people move to Istanbul each year, and Istanbul is the fifth most touristed city in the world.) The city’s insufficient public transportation system has led to an influx of private vehicle usage, and traffic rates have steadily increased. People who live far away from their workplaces find themselves in daily traffic jams.

Ford wanted to reach a target consumer audience defined as men and women between the ages of 25-44. This demographic includes families looking for compact car size, comfort, style and technology – all at an affordable price.

Creative Strategy

Ford sought to identify the best way to communicate with an extremely large target audience in Istanbul. In Turkey, mobile usage has increased very rapidly, and brands have recently started to include mobile in their marketing and advertising strategies. Ford wanted to focus its marketing efforts on this increasing mobile usage, while at the same time taking advantage of the growing popularity of the mobile site for the country’s best known newspaper, Milliyet.

For starters, Ford added a new category to Milliyet’s mobile site in the form of a commercial sponsorship. Next, Ford made the sponsorship valuable to everyday users. When entering Milliyet’s mobile site, users who select the “Ford Tourneo Courier” category can gain a real-time view of the traffic situation in every town throughout Turkey. Moreover, by identifying a final destination, users can identify how much time is needed to arrive at their destination. Users are also able to locate these useful traffic details from the main screen of their mobile devices in order to follow daily traffic information quickly and easily.


Below are the results of the campaign:

  • The click-through rate was 2.67%.
  • By the end of the campaign, the ads received 55 million impressions – an incredible number for the first year of a groundbreaking campaign.
  • A marketing strategy based on advertising on Milliyet’s mobile site enabled Ford to achieve its campaign goals. Consumer awareness about the Tourneo Courier increased, prompting consumers to seek more information about the new vehicle.


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