: Ashiana Housing


Client: Ashiana Housing
Category: Real Estate & Construction
Agency: Quasar Media
Country: India
Year: 2015

Campaign Summary

Ashiana Housing is a budding real estate builder having exciting real estate options available across the Delhi National Capital Region, Gujarat, Jaipur, Neemrana, Bhiwadi and Jodhpur. Out of all of the options Ashiana offers, the one option that stands out the most is senior living homes, understanding the importance of the 50+ audience and tapping their quest for a retirement home with good rates.

Ashiana Housing came up with a venture in Bhiwadi. It is an industrial hub housing various large-scale and small-scale industries. Since the town itself is an upcoming business centre because of its proximity to Delhi/NCR, there is a demand for comfortable living as well.


Objective and Context

SMS has always been a highly-used medium by real estate players looking to reach out to their customers, but what has often been missing is the ability to reach out the right customer at the right time. Ashiana Housing wanted a campaign which was different from all other SMS campaigns that have been done in the industry over the years.

Ashiana was looking to reach middle income residents from Delhi/NCR who were looking for real estate investment options in Bhiwadi.


Creative Strategy

Ashiana Housing applied science in reaching out to its potential customers, with more-targeted SMS that was therefore different than what had come before. A key insight was that Delhi/NCR visitors would only frequent nearby towns during free time over weekends when they were checking out investment options. Also, Ashiana realized that several visits over a period of time would be needed in order to finalize such a large-ticket purchase.

Ashiana studied travel patterns of residents of Delhi/NCR to Bhiwadi during weekends over a two-month period to form its audience pool. It is imperative to understand how the technology actually functioned: the latitudinal and longitudinal details of the real estate site in Bhiwadi were frozen. Ashiana Housing followed each user as he started his journey from Delhi -- the mobile towers captured the mobile device’s metadata and as the journey moved ahead, it crossed various mobile towers. Hence, the company was able to create an audience pool who were travelling to and from Bhiwadi with an inclination towards investments in real estate.

Monthly mobile bill patterns also provided the company with a way to determine the income classification of the user. It targeted users only above Rs. 700 of monthly mobile bills since this could be equated with a mid-income person.

A total of 55,000 relevant and unique users were targeted.



There was an increase in interest in Bhiwadi, which  was seen in search queries about the project, which went up by 15 percent over the previous month, meaning a large percentage of those who received the SMS actually went online and searched for more details about this newly launched project of Ashiana Housing. There was also a spike of about 20 percent in the numbers of inquiries received by Ashiana through other channels.

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