Hindustan Unilever Limited: Kan Khajura Tesan


Client: Hindustan Unilever Limited
Agency: PHD India
Country: India
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

Hindustan Unilever Limited had magnificent growth in the Indian market in the recent past. Most of this growth is attributed to rural areas; however, it was not a simple task to reach these so-called "dark" belts. Where traditional media could penetrate only 20 percent of the population, there lay a big challenge of building awareness and loyalty for the brand even though there was a deficit in the required infrastructure. Illiteracy added to this challenge even more. HUL needed an idea which it could use to break out of share-of-voice battles and reach these fertile grounds to gather a good harvest.


Objective and Context

The objective was to reach the dark belts of the country -- the largest markets for Hindustan Unilever’s consumer products -- and build brand awareness and loyalty. The effort was particularly focused on reaching the rural audience in Bihar and Jharkhand to elevate SOV for mass and rural focused brands. 

These markets are fertile grounds for brand growth and anchoring brand loyalty. However, they are at an entertainment deficit owing to challenges related to infrastructure and education. The one thing that they actively use is their mobile phones. Nonetheless, movies and movie stars influence everything -- from the way people get their hair cut, to what they wear, to the dialogues they use in everyday conversation. In fact, the memory cards on this market's phones are filled with movie content and songs that are downloaded from services offered by telephone operators.


Creative Strategy

Therefore, HUL decided to launch a 24/7 mobile entertainment radio channel, called Kan Khajura Tesan, targeted at anybody who owns a mobile phone --from school children to housewives to farmers. In addition to being a channel with reach, Kan Khajura Tesan needed to create unique consumer experiences to retain an active user base and encourage repeat visits. KKT addressed the fact that advertising and brand awareness required infrastructure, which had been greatly lacking in these belts. Traditional media could only reach 20 percent of the population and, as discussed above, illiteracy added more challenges.

To engage with KKT all users need do is dial a single missed call to its hotline; at launch, this allowed the dialer 15 minutes of access to an entertainment stream where HUL posted content integrated with its ads. With the help of KKT, HUL was able to break out of the SOV battle.

The data intelligence platform allowed the monitoring of call drop offs, call time, duration and affinity to content. Each content segment is embedded with a skip, like and favourite option. Based on information about user preferences and pinpoint precision tracking, the system could schedule content based on popularity, by -- for example -- playing religious music in the early morning.

KKT has also become the largest consumer profiling system for HUL. A questionnaire is programmed in the system such that subsequent questions are asked based on the response to the previous question.

The platform has also allowed advertising brands to have a detailed view of their ad impressions, performance and analysis, allowing them to customize ad impressions and select what content they want to push.


KKT became the single largest media channel in the states of Bihar and Jharkhan. KKT covered 60% of the non-TV households in that belt. In just five months, they found eight million subscribers in the two states, with a total audience of 36 million and one million callers being actively added each month. Additionally, the streaming time has gone up to 21 minutes from 15 minutes. The consumer profiling dashboard now holds 0.4 million consumer profiles. Also the campaign has delivered over 482 brand impressions to date.

By creating a value exchange, KKT has ensured that consumers stay loyal to the platform. The platform in its current version is live across eight Indian states.

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