Macquarie Shopping Centre: My Macquarie Shopping App


Client: AMP Capital
Product: Macquarie Shopping Centre
Category: Retail
Agency: Mnet Mobile (Ansible)
Country: Austrialia
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

This campaign, featuring a “Shoppable Catwalk” app, was designed to draw Sydney’s fashion elite back to the newly refurbished Macquarie Shopping Centre. AMP Capital, in its first year of ownership of the Centre, needed to reposition it from being “old-fashioned” to “The Face of Fashion.”

There were three specific objectives:

  • Drive a five percent increase in foot traffic year-on-year.
  • Provide a technology solution that would engage 50 percent of the Macquarie Shopping Centre's target area -- of those living in a five-kilometer radius.
  • Create a reason for shoppers to continue to interact post-launch.


Objective and Context

The team was charged with creating an innovative campaign to draw Sydney’s fashion elite back to the newly refurbished Macquarie Shopping Centre. When it comes to shopping, the most important part is knowing the trends and leaving the shopping centre with a brag-worthy outfit. The brand needed to help young fashionistas get "the look," a key insight that guided the campaign idea and channel selection:

Mobile contained the key components to making the effort work. It provides Inspiration in the palm of the hand of the consumer, and can take advantage of the fact that style inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. Sixty-four percent of shoppers turn to social-based apps, such as Instagram or Pinterest -- or fashion blogs -- for inspiration before making a fashion-related purchase decision. Beauty and fashion advice-seekers are turning to influencers for direction.

Additionally, smartphones can tell consumers if the price is right, and shoppers avoid buyer’s remorse on impulse purchases by doing price comparisons in real time to make sure they’re getting the best deal.

In short, consumers are lost without their mobile devices.

Consumers' tiny handheld assistants also helps them remember appointments, find their way around or make decisions. This will only increase as Google Wallet and Apple Pay transform the way people make transactions.

AMP Capital’s first target audience was fashionistas, typically females ages 14-34; its second priority was those who lived within the five kilometers of the new shopping center, a group totaling around 20,000 people.


Creative Strategy

It was clear to AMP that mobile would be the gateway to engagement and, ultimately, would lead to purchase within the Centre. It was the centrepiece of its campaign and supported by media including digital display, magazines, radio, local print and local outdoor.

AMP’s key media partner was Vogue magazine, the biggest fashion influencer in Australia, which provided campaign reach and drove credibility. Vogue was the supporting voice, content consultant and primary amplification channel because of its paid, owned and earned assets.

AMP ‘eventised’ the launch of the Macquarie Shopping Centre by creating Australia’s first Shoppable Catwalk, a mobile-enabled catwalk show, hosted in the shopping centre, showcasing looks from current international fashion shows and designers. The mobile experience was central to this, because it enabled spectators to quickly move from inspiration, to the changing room, to purchase.

Through the app, spectators could instantly see the product details, know where to purchase it, and save favourites to their “Look Book.”

The idea was to use the mobile solution as a CRM platform, using the Shoppable Catwalk as a trigger-point to drive app downloads among local residents, connecting them on an ongoing basis to Macquarie Centre and to the retailers within.



Below are the results of the campaign:

  • There were over 11,600 downloads of the app during the campaign period, and it became the top independent shopping centre app in Google Play.
  • AMP successfully helped fashionistas create the looks from the catwalk, with nearly 14,000 looks “loved” on the app. The “Find a Store” feature was used over 26,000 times.
  • The app created a stir within fashion and tech publications and provided approximately $500,000 worth of additional PR value. Fashionistas flocked to the Centre, driving record-breaking foot traffic, which was up 12.4 percent year-on-year, tripling the goal.
  • The MyMacquarie app set the global standard for shopping centre engagement. Competitors such as Westfield wanted to incorporate the technology within their global apps -- however AMP Capital realized the potential and secured exclusivity on the technology, locking out Westfield.

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