Unilever: Cornetto Ice Cream Red Velvet Love Song Campaign


Client: Unilever
Brand: Cornetto ice cream
Category: Consumer Packaged Goods
Agency: Mindshare
Country: Indonesia
Year: 2015

Campaign Summary

Coming from a strong performance during the fourth quarter of the previous year, the sales of popular ice cream brand Cornetto were growing. However, since it was mainly a sales-driven promotion, brand attributes were declining. Upon the launch of the new flavour, Cornetto Red Velvet, the brand had to improve its score on the positioning of being “delicious from first to last bite” as captured in its “Enjoy the ride, love the ending” tagline. Cornetto is a delicious treat from start to the finish with its chocolate tip, in a way that is similar to how love is experienced by many teens, Red Velvet’s target market.


Objective and Context

Cornetto wanted to celebrates its new Red Velvet flavour, with its strawberry and chocolate mix, on Valentine’s Day. it was the perfect romantic ice cream to have on this popular day among the brand’s love-crazy teen target market and a great opportunity to build brand equity. The brand also wanted to encourage teens to dive into love because the journey and ending are worth it.

While teens are digitally savvy, they are also very busy and get bored easily. Cornetto wanted to make the experience of diving into love as seamless and easy as possible for fearless romantics, ages 13 - 19 -- after all, love for these impatient teens cannot wait. They are highly sociable and many are experiencing the ups and downs of being in a romantic relationship for the first time.


Creative Strategy

Since teens are more digitally savvy, they express their love differently from their parents’ generation. They don’t call it dating, but hanging out. They prefer sending WhatsApp messages filled with emojis to having long phone conversations, or sending sweet love letters. While music will always be a part of their lives, they no longer make mix tapes to express their love, but send links to music and playlists to their significant other.

Armed with the insight that music is a way for teens to express their love, Cornetto wanted to help them dive into love during Valentine’s through Red Velvet Love Song, an interactive love game. Partnering with popular music application Guvera.com, Cornetto recommend a playlist based on how a teen felt about the other person. A teen could then send this to his or her significant other. As teens are not comfortable directly expressing their love, this turned out to be an easy and inspiring way to do it on Valentine’s Day.

Cornetto also produced a series of webisodes showcasing the best love stories submitted by teens. It was successfully used as branded content on TV and YouTube.

Cornetto followed a mobile-centric approach to reach and drive participation from the audience. In three steps, consumers could get and share their playlist easily. Teens participated by entering a mobile site where they had to answer three questions about their relationship and then were directed to a recommended playlist on Guvera. Once there, they were urged to share the playlist on their loved one’s social media page. Those who received a playlist could then express how much they liked it through different smiley faces. They were also given unlimited streaming access for a month, making it even more compelling for them to join. The streaming reward had a high value perception.



The campaign was the most successful Valentine’s campaign run by Cornetto. With the mobile-centric strategy, Cornetto reached 82 million teens in six weeks and had five times more participants than previous Valentine’s campaigns.

Best of all, the brand attribute for “delicious from first to last bite” increased from 43 percent to 51 percent, arresting its decline from the previous year.


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