Berniaga: Gratis


Category: Computers & Technology
Agency: Opera Mediaworks
Country: Indonesia
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary is a premier classified marketplace in Indonesia which faced an increasingly competitive market. It needed to grow users quickly to increase market share. Berniaga identified an untapped consumer market: the 93 percent of Indonesian mobile users on pre-paid programs, especially those who do not regularly access mobile data via their phones or tablets.


Objective and Context

Pre-paid consumers view data as a precious commodity and are generally more reluctant to visit websites due to additional cost. This made it challenging to grab mobile-first users’ attention, and get them to check advertised sites.

Berniaga chose to target pre-paid mobile users, a market that was virtually untapped by its competitors.


Creative Strategy

Partnering with Telkomsel, one of Indonesia’s leading telecom companies, Berniaga offered pre-paid mobile customers three free hours of unconditional, unobstructed and open data by accessing a Sponsored Web Pass powered by Opera Software. Once the consumer accessed the Sponsored Web Pass, a Berniaga ad was served, placing the Berniaga brand in front of Telkomsel customers. Consumers using the Sponsored Web Pass were served only Berniaga ads, using mostly interstitials, which provided a high-level engagement across all mobile devices and connections.

The insight: unrestrained Internet access will unlock millions of new users on mobile Internet and the way they buy and sell online.

Opera’s Sponsored Web Pass was the cornerstone of this campaign. This technology made it possible to reach a traditionally untouchable, data-fearing audience and give them the opportunity to access free mobile data.

The Sponsored Web Pass was tailored for the target consumer and powered through the Opera Mini mobile browser. Consumers were able to directly access the campaign via the browser’s built-in speed dial, banners and onboarding pages.

To increase engagement among users, several promotions were launched during the duration of the campaign, including product giveaways such as a Samsung Galaxy s5 and digital cameras, a lucky draw for a pair of tickets to Mecca, and a charity “Ramadan Donation” campaign with Telkomsel, in which Berniaga donated to a nominated charity with every activated Web Pass.



The Sponsored Web Pass provided Berniaga a chance to not only be a benevolent brand, offering free data to the new user group, but drove tangible benefits including lead generation. Here are statistics about the campaign:

  • 485,000 free passes were granted.
  • 418,000 users were reached.
  • There was a 15 percent conversion rate.
  • There was also 7.5 percent user acquisition rate, double Berniaga’s benchmark.
  • The campaign generated 1.1 million visits to the Berniaga e-commerce site.
  • became the most visited domain on Facebook, Google, and YouTube among Telkomsel users on the Opera Mini browser.

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