Danone Aqua: Save Jack: An Instagram Breakout


Client: Danone
Product: Aqua
Category: Food, Beverage, Tobacco
Agency: VML Qais
Country: Indonesia
Year: 2015

Campaign Summary

As a brand in Indonesia, Aqua maintains leadership status, and expects to generate brand leadership on all of its social accounts. Its "Ada Aqua" campaign ("Have you got water?") had brought light to the need for healthy hydration, and successfully paired the brand with the attributes of "focus and concentration."

Aqua decided to run a new campaign on Instagram to break through the clutter of brand campaigns on the platform. The setup of the campaign allowed Aqua to really hit home about reminding consumers about the connection between hydration and focus and concentration by actively engaging them to try and complete all tasks in a challenge that demanded those qualities.

The campaign reinforced the leadership status of the brand as one of the pioneers of social engagement in Indonesia. Consumers were delighted by the new and innovative ways in which the brand used the Instagram platform, and were looking for Aqua to continue to surprise them.


Objective and Context

According to the results of the THIRST study (The Indonesian Regional Hydration Study) about hydration in Indonesia, nearly one out of two Indonesians is mildly dehydrated. The worst part is they aren't even aware of this. Scientific studies by the World Health Organization have proven that even mild dehydration can affect cognitive functions, inducing fatigue and lack of focus and concentration.

Aqua, as Indonesia's leading bottled water brand, set out to educate Indonesian consumers about the importance of healthy hydration everyday. This was evident in the overall #adaAQUA campaign, which zeroed in on educating consumers about the hilarity that ensues if they lack focus and concentration. For its newest campaign, Danone Aqua was looking to further educate consumers about the need for healthy hydration. 

Aqua reached out to young and contemporary Indonesians, who were very active on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These young Indonesians are looking to interact with brands in new and interesting ways, and many are flocking to Instagram, because it is strong visually.


Creative Strategy

As part of the main campaign, agency VML created two sequential videos for in-cinema and YouTube placement involving mob members who are trying to make a deal. In the first video, consumers had to maintain their focus and concentration to keep track of a suitcase that is being shuffled around. In the second video, the leader of the mob discovers that he has been framed and that one of the other mob members, Jack, is the snitch.  Jack is locked up. Over the course of this video, however, there are 27 differences that consumers had to spot by using their focus and concentration.

The "Save Jack" Instagram Break-Out starts where this film ends, as Instagram users are taken on a journey through various Instagram accounts to find the secret combination for the lock that is keeping Jack from freedom. Starting with one main account, @adaaqua_GaleriPrabu, fans had to find art pieces that look similar and count the differences between them to discover each number of the final lock sequence.

After the success of its “Toni on Mars” Instagram campaign, this new campaign for Aqua had a much more detailed approach, taking consumers on an actual journey through Instagram by making the activity span across multiple accounts. This proved slightly more challenging for consumers as well, as the level of difficulty had increased -- however the brand still had very good engagement results.

The usage of the Instagram platform was integral to the overall campaign execution. For this campaign specifically, all of the budget focused on driving traffic to the activation using influencers, since, at the time of this campaign, Instagram ads were not yet available in Southeast Asia.

One of the key components of the Aqua digital strategy was to activate mobile-first channels in new and interesting ways. Building on the success of the previous campaign, this was another step in Aqua conducting industry-first engagements on the platform in a market where Instagram is gaining popularity.



The fan growth nearly doubled once again with just under 8,000 new fans following the @SehatAqua account. With over 2,000 participants joining the campaign, Aqua received a healthy level of participation. Despite the difficulty of the tasks, 610 fans completed all of the challenges. Overall, the brand received over 15,000 interactions in just ten short days.


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