Huggies: Huggies Mobile Recharge Campaign

Campaign Summary

India’s diaper segment was undergoing a rapid shift from the traditional tape diaper to a pants-style diaper. Huggies needed to protect its tape diaper business by offering more value with its small packs without resolving to a flat price drop. The brand chose to run a mobile promotional campaign, offering talktime to participating mothers and rewarding them with a chance to meet popular actress Kajol. The successful campaign provided Huggies with a database on new and existing consumers alike.


Objective and Context:

With consumers entering and exiting the category every month, the objective was to both reward existing customers and build relationships with new mothers entering the category. This created a need for a special mobile-driven promotional campaign that offered rewards and built a consumer database.

Target Audience:

The campaign was sharply focused on consumers who would value mobile rewards. The campaign was limited to smaller diaper pack counts of twos and fives, excluding all larger packs of diapers. The shoppers for small packs were more likely to be prepaid users and more frequent shoppers for diaper packs from small retail outlets and pharmacies.

Creative Strategy:

The idea of mobile talktime linked strongly with the consumer insight of a mother wanting to share every single milestone and activity of her child with her friends and family. This led to the communication idea “Share news about your baby with your loved ones without any worries, because Huggies gives you free mobile recharge with every purchase.” With the campaign, Huggies also leveraged its long-term association with brand ambassador Kajol and added the chance to meet the celebrity as a reward.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The mobile talktime reward was the first of its kind in the baby care category. Unlike price-off rewards, the talktime reward allowed brands to reward only those consumers who were seeking more value without discounting the whole business. The mobile reward promotion also allowed Huggies to build a permissioned, direct line of communication with mothers.

For participating in the promotion, consumers received a call-back and answered specific queries related to childcare: the baby’s age, diaper purchase frequency, and preferred brand. In return, they were rewarded with talktime and a chance to meet the celebrity Kajol.

The campaign culminated with a random selection of seven mothers who were flown to Mumbai in February 2015 to have a special meet-and-greet session with Kajol. The event was as successful as the campaign, delivering extensive media coverage and brand love.

Mobile Execution:

Mobile was critical to the campaign, as it was the key tool for reaching out, interacting with, and rewarding the consumers. Consumers were rewarded with talktime, irrespective of location and telecom network. This enabled a positive consumer experience.

The consumer category usage information was used to develop relevant, differentiated cohorts: as light or heavy users, brand or competition users, and infant or toddler mothers. These sub-groups were then used for remarketing of promotional packs, for driving transactions on e-commerce, and for sending other relevant brand messages, all targeted and all at a fraction of the cost of other media.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

By the end of the campaign, Huggies had developed a database of over 720,000 consumer profiles with over 1.6 million entries for mobile rewards. When benchmarked against other mobile activations, this campaign had best-in-class quality for consumer calls (40 percent valid calls) and conversion into profiles (97 percent conversion). Over 50 percent of the profiled consumers were first-time buyers, while of the existing category users, 40 percent were competitor buyers. The database has allowed Huggies to develop valuable insights regarding consumer diaper usage. Huggies plans to expand the campaign further to build an ongoing CRM program enabled by the mobile platform.

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