HAÇİKO: BarkBeacon: A Modern Fable

Campaign Summary

In order to raise awareness about the high number of stray animals in Turkey, HAÇİKO chose to amplify the animals’ voices. The organization used iBeacon to send push notifications to people’s phones when they passed stray dogs wearing the special iBeacon collar. The push notifications were written in the “voices” of stray dogs seeking help and affection. Passersby amplified the messages on social media so that they reached over two million people and raised significant awareness about homeless animals in Turkey.


Objective and Context:

There are too many stray animals in Turkey. HAÇİKO, the association of protecting animals from apathy and despair, wanted to create awareness about their tough lives. BarkBeacon was created to aid consciousness for strays.

Target Audience:

People between the ages of 24 and 44 who live in Istanbul.

Creative Strategy:

HAÇİKO created a mobile push notification campaign so that people would hear the voices of the stray dogs. The organization used iBeacon to create “BarkBeacons,” which enabled stray dogs to “speak” by allowing their thoughts to pop up on the mobile phones of passersby.


Overall Campaign Execution:

HAÇİKO chose 10 stray dogs and gave them special collars modified with BarkBeacons. The organization named the dogs and took their photos. BarkBeacon SDK was integrated with the Milliyet application, so that mobile users with the Milliyet app on their smartphones were enabled to receive push notifications from the dogs. When the mobile users were near a dog wearing a BarkBeacon, the iBeacon technology recognized the user and sent a push notification through the Milliyet application.

Mobile Execution:

Because people are more responsive to smartphone message tones than the barks of stray dogs, people checked their phones directly and saw the message sent by the stray.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Though HAÇİKO only outfitted 10 stray dogs with BarkBeacons, more than 200,000 people heard the dogs’ voices in one month. Twenty-five thousand tweets and WhatsApp messages were sent, which reached more than two million people online. The execution of the campaign has raised awareness about the plight of stray animals in Turkey.

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