State Farm: State Farm and Angry Birds Seasons NBA Episode Campaign

Campaign Summary

State Farm wanted to demonstrate its promise to consumers that it would “get them to a better state.” It levered its existing NBA partnership and collaborated with Rovio, creator of the popular Angry Birds game, to increase its brand awareness on mobile. The brands collaborated to develop an NBA-themed Angry Birds Seasons episode to engage both NBA fans and user of Angry Birds.


Objective and Context:

State Farm partnered with Rovio, creator of the popular Angry Birds franchise, to launch a native mobile program that would integrate the two brands in a unique way and give auto insurance a presence on mobile. The goal of the partnership was to reach consumers in their favorite gaming environment and demonstrate State Farm’s mission to “get them to a better state.”

Target Audience:

The campaign extended State Farm’s existing NBA partnership to Angry Birds fans with a special NBA-themed game episode. The episode connected State Farm with one of the largest and most engaged audiences on mobile.

Creative Strategy:

The special NBA-themed episode, “Ham Dunk!”, included 15 free-to-play levels, 30 NBA team levels, and special levels for the All-Star Weekend and NBA Finals. Players were engaged with themed courts, backgrounds, and characters.


Overall Campaign Execution:

A State Farm-branded character integration was developed to coincide with the NBA All-Star Weekend. High-profile State Farm branding provided significant value to the fans because it gave them “the assist” by helping them beat levels with a “power-up.”

Mobile Execution:

The $250,000 campaign focused strictly on integrating the Rovio and State Farm brands, and 100 percent of the budget was allocated to mobile. The native unit seamlessly blended with the gameplay by giving players the free power-up in the form of a branded character. This made the ad a welcome surprise rather than an unwanted interruption. It also led to positive brand association for State Farm while highlighting its NBA-focused brand principle of the “fan assist.”

To support the branded “power-up” within the Angry Birds Seasons NBA Episode and further strengthen the connection between the two brands, State Farm developed specific mobile creative featuring characters and art from the episode.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The State Farm-branded power-up in the NBA-themed episode of Angry Birds was deployed over 12 million times by fans. Additionally, a State Farm Jumbotron “courtside” branding was viewed over 57 million times. The integration was also successful in its extension of the existing partnership between State Farm and the NBA.

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