Unilever Vietnam: New White Shirt, New Beginning

Campaign Summary

Laundry detergent brand Viso wanted to drive awareness among mothers in Vietnam to reclaim some of the market share it had lost in recent years due to increased competition. The brand partnered with the Ministry of Education to develop a campaign where consumers could help underprivileged children with scholarships and clean school clothes. Viso leveraged location-based mobile technology to alert consumers to nearby events and invite them to participate in the “New White Shirt, New Beginning” campaign.


Objective and Context:

Since 1961, Viso has been a household name among moms who were constantly seeking superior brightness for their kids’ uniforms and family clothes. However in recent years, with many local and international competitors aggressively entering the market, the detergent brand’s market share and awareness has been on the decline.

Viso needed to reconnect with its consumers and regain their support while enhancing the brand’s visibility and reinforcing its “superior whiteness” differentiator. On a constrained budget, Viso needed an “out of the box, but not costly” idea to drive revenue, awareness, and market share.

Target Audience:

In Vietnam, moms are very much preoccupied with superior brightness for their kids’ uniforms and family clothes. At the same time, they are smart shoppers, and always looking to get the most for their money. Moms in Vietnam are very family-oriented, and firmly believe that children are the future. They are also compassionate and caring toward under-privileged children in society.

Regarding media consumption habits, statistics showed that digital channels could reach a maximum 53 percent of Viso’s total target audience, while mobile channels (both smartphone and feature phone) could reach up to 90 percent. Mobile has become a daily “companion” for moms, who enjoy reading local, international, and social interest news stories online.

Creative Strategy:

Viso knew that in order to reach its business objectives, it needed to forge deep emotional connections with its target audience. The brand created a platform that empowered moms to help underserved students in their community, partnering with the Ministry of Education and HCM Youth Union to set up a campaign called “Viso: New White Shirt, New Beginning.” Viso helped underserved students prepare for a new school year by giving them a scholarship and a white school uniform shirt.

In order to activate and amplify the initiative, Viso leveraged a display banner and online PR, but digital alone was not enough. With 90 percent of the target audience on mobile, the brand worked with the biggest local telecom brand Vietel and built the first location-based interactive communication SMS solution in Vietnam.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Through strategic cooperation with the Ministry of Education and HCM Youth Union, Viso set up a fund to support the under-privileged students. The brand decided not only to give them a scholarship to fund their new school year, but also provide them a T-shirt of “superior whiteness” freshly washed with Viso.

Mobile Execution:

Since 90 percent of Viso’s audience actively engages with content on their mobile devices, the brand saw a huge opportunity to leverage the platform to drive awareness. The result was a location-based interactive communication SMS solution built in partnership with the biggest telecom in Vietnam, Vietel. Sixty-two percent of the digital budget was allocated to mobile activities.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)


In recent years, the heritage brand Viso has been struggling with lower brand awareness and reduced market share due to aggressive local and international competition. The brand needed to strengthen its differentiating attribute of “superior whiteness” among its target audience on a limited budget.


  • The location-based approach targeted customers when they were near an event, which significantly increased the engagement level, and attracted more than 6,000 participants.
  • There were more than 342,000 impressions delivered to more than 251,000 unique subscribers.
  • Most importantly, more than 50,000 T-shirts were donated and freshly washed to prepare the kids for another exciting and rewarding school year.

Market Impact

This location-based mobile solution was the first ever in Vietnam. It produced very successful results on a low budget. The campaign showed the power of emerging technology in driving effective marketing.

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