Intel: Intel Mars Rover Experience

Campaign Summary

For the launch of its Mars Rover Augmented Reality app, Intel created an experiential activation at Best Buy stores called the Intel Experience. At the event, users could race on a real-life track that interacted with the app on Intel-powered tablets.


Objective and Context:

The Mars Rover Augmented Reality app was created to raise awareness of the quality and power of Intel chips and to increase intent to purchase Intel-powered tablets. The app used the latest in edge-detection augmented reality to simulate a racing environment on Mars for Intel-powered devices.

Target Audience:

The target audience was the Best Buy electronics shopper. The app was designed to appeal to Best Buy shoppers who had heard of augmented reality but hadn’t had the opportunity to try it, regardless of gender or age.

Creative Strategy:

To launch the app, Intel created the first Intel Experience at Best Buy stores. The goal was to raise brand awareness of the Intel chip, and to build on the successes of the program and increase intent to purchase Intel-powered tablets.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The app was launched as an experiential activation at Best Buy stores called The Intel Experience. A physical mountain landscape was created to interact with tablets. Fifty mountains were modeled, built, and sand-blasted by hand to create an eye-catching in-store presence. Users launched the game environment by scanning the mountain terrain with their tablets and then raced one of three Rovers to collect power pods, which allowed them to launch their rocket off the planet before an impending asteroid impact. Users had 60 seconds to complete this objective.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Results showed that the campaign increased intent to purchase. Additionally, Intel’s brand awareness was raised at the consumer level. The Mars Rover app was voted among the top interactive experiences at The Intel Experience and contributed to an 11-minute engagement average in the space at retail.

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