adidas: adidas Discovers the Power of Mobile-First Storytelling

Campaign Summary

The adidas “Superstars” campaign was a first for the brand. It partnered with Opera Mediaworks to create a series of videos produced specifically for mobile, which were delivered natively within the news feeds of popular apps. The videos drove consumers to longer-form content and the brand website, ultimately driving engagement and brand affinity.


Objective and Context:

In March 2014, Opera Mediaworks launched Instant-Feed HD Native Mobile Video, an in-feed, auto-playing mobile video advertising solution. With Instant-Feed, publishers are able to monetize in-feed environments natively by delivering a crystal-clear mobile video ad experience to consumers in their favorite apps.

Target Audience:

The target audience was adults ages 18 to 34 with a male skew who overindexed for mobile consumption and social networking.

Creative Strategy:

adidas created short-form videos and leveraged data-driven insights and best practices for the Instant-Feed platform in the production and distribution of the short-form mobile video spots.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Instant-Feed technology completely eliminates buffering for in-feed video ads, which is critical in scroll-based feeds where ad latency can otherwise negatively affect campaign performance. adidas created dynamic short-form video that drove traffic to longer videos and the brand website.

Mobile Execution:

The campaign took a mobile-first stance on video creative. All too often, brands are not producing video creative with the mobile channel in mind, typically reusing broadcast spots or cutting them down.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)


This was the first time that adidas created short-form video specifically for native, in-feed environments on mobile, and the results outperformed past in-feed and display executions with non-optimized creative.

adidas has always been driven by innovation and continues to bring the worlds of fashion and sports together in new, exciting ways. The brand’s “Superstar” campaign featured well-known celebrities and athletes, such as Pharrell and Damian Lillard, and challenged the way people used the word “superstar,” igniting a discussion about who the true superstars were.


The adidas campaign resulted in some of the highest performing in-feed metrics to date (it was actually among the top three highest performing campaigns in Opera Mediaworks’ Native Video Project), showcasing the effectiveness of mobile-first storytelling.

  • There was a 55 percent increase in video completion and a 62 percent increase in engagement compared to non-optimized mobile video.
  • The campaign generated 6.8 times greater engagement compared to standard mobile display units.

Market Impact:

Opera Mediaworks’ Instant-Feed was the first initiative of its kind that gave creative and financial support to industry-leading brands that were interested in changing the status quo for mobile creative. By taking into account mobile consumption habits and how behavior changes in the feed, adidas was able to deliver a campaign that was not only a better user experience but one that drove higher results.

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