Ferrero Canada Ltd.: Tic Tac Flavour Faceoff

Campaign Summary

To increase brand awareness and purchase intent, Tic Tac created a promotion designed to let fans determine the brand’s next limited-edition flavor. Fans voted for their favorite flavor, and each vote was a chance to win instant prizes and counted toward an entry to the grand prize drawing for $5,000 and a year’s supply of the winning flavor.


Objective and Context:

Tic Tac’s goal was to engage 18- to 24-year-olds and drive purchase intent of a new limited-edition flavor. Increasing brand awareness and purchase intent would ultimately drive higher sell-through to retailers for carrying the limited-edition product in a competitive mint and gum category.

In order to do this, the brand developed a promotion that enabled the target to help determine the next Canadian Tic Tac flavor, driving awareness and appetite appeal for the new flavor. 

Target Audience:

Three key insights about the target audience led to the development of the campaign. 

Mobile: Given that the target was young adults from age 18 to 24, the promotion was created as a mobile-first experience, making it feel rich, seamless, and entertaining. 

Simple, Fun, Repeatable: The brand learned through experience that simple and fun micro-engagements with smaller rewards are more effective than campaigns with larger and fewer incentives. 

Social Media: Consumers are more willing to engage with the brand if their friends are engaging too, so social media needed to be a key component of the campaign. Additionally, Tic Tac fans love to talk about fantasy flavors, so this campaign was perfect for the online crowd. 

Creative Strategy:

With these insights guiding the brand, it knew consumers would be excited to decide the next flavor of Tic Tacs. The campaign involved a simple and fun voting system along with a social media promotion that highlighted the rational and emotional reasons to buy; each flavor assumed its own unique personality, including chirpy Green Apple, fiery Cinnamon Spice, and cooling Wintergreen.  

Fans voted for their favorite flavor by shaking their mobile devices to make Tic Tacs fall. Each vote was a chance to win instant prizes and counted toward an entry to the grand prize drawing for $5,000 and a year’s supply of the winning flavor.


Overall Campaign Execution:

This was the first year of the campaign and the first time Tic Tac Canada had decided to focus on promoting limited-edition flavors as part of a large digital activation instead of a smaller ad campaign.

Mobile Execution:

Consumers entered the contest by shaking their mobile devices, just like a box of Tic Tacs, which then emitted the iconic Tic Tac rattle. To motivate players, a series of hilarious messages popped up to encourage them to keep shaking. With 10,000 instant prizes to be won, users received bonus entries in the grand prize drawing for sharing the content on Facebook. 

A supporting content strategy promoted the contest to the Tic Tac Facebook audience of more than 560,000 fans. The contest was embedded directly on Buzzfeed using an iFrame, and Facebook mobile ads, such as link ads and photo post ads, helped drive significant traffic.

The overall campaign budget was approximately $340,000 including production and media.  Approximately 40 percent of the media was allocated to mobile Facebook ads, while the full experience was designed mobile-first.

Compatibility standards were used to ensure those using an older mobile device could still tap to enter. A similar experience was created for the desktop where users could tap or shake their mouse cursor to enter.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Tic Tac is the No. 1 mint brand in Canada, and Freshmint is its No. 1 product.

Users enjoyed shaking their phone like Tic Tacs, and more than 115 million votes were cast from over 40,000 fans. The average user spent 16 minutes on the site, and the Tic Tac Flavour Faceoff was shared nearly 90,000 times on Facebook.

The results were great for the campaign and for the brand, as pre-orders for the limited-edition flavor to retail trade increased 15 percent over the previous year.

Nearly 34 million media impressions were generated, and Facebook media drove over half of the contest registrations. When it was all said and done, Canada crowned Green Apple Tic Tac as the Flavour Faceoff champion.

Categories: | Industries: Consumer Packaged Goods | Objectives: Product/Services Launch | Awards: Global Finalist, NA Finalist