P&G: Your Local Haircast

Campaign Summary

Weather affects women’s hairstyles on a daily basis. To increase sales without the introduction of a new product, Pantene worked with The Weather Channel to create a haircast app for women. All the haircasts and Pantene solutions were keyed to specific zip codes with styling tips, making the message applicable to every woman’s individual situation.


Objective and Context:

In 2013, more than 300 new hair care products filled retailer shelves, crowding out Pantene, which had no new product news — and shoppers noticed. They were quick to leave Pantene for a competitor, and just as quickly, the brand’s key retail partner, Walgreens, was losing confidence. With no innovations to promote, Pantene’s challenge was significant: turn around its business at Walgreens and break through to its shoppers by relying only on core products already sitting on the shelf.

The brand needed to win back business as well as the hearts of shoppers by:

  1. Driving purchase at Walgreens with a sustained 10 percent increase in sales at stores
  2. Securing incremental merchandising in half of its 8,000 stores nationwide

Target Audience:

Every morning across the country, women shout at their mirrors in frustration when their hair is not cooperating. Pantene wanted to help rescue women from these bad hair days with its healthy hair products. When anticipating that bad weather will cause their hair care product to fail, women say “forget it” and just pull their hair back in a ponytail and abandon the look they were going for altogether. They become frustrated and do not feel like they can get beautiful hair, and the hair hatred cycle continues.  

Creative Strategy:

While Pantene couldn’t change the weather, the brand wanted to prepare customers for whatever the day would bring, with an immediate solution at their neighborhood Walgreens.

A multi-channel approach, including, mobile, tablet, social, and in-store, was the key to the program’s success, delivering the brand’s message when and where consumers were looking for it the most: during the path to purchase.

Additionally, Pantene identified a crucial retailer insight: when women are in a problem-solving mode, the drug store channel is their go-to destination for an immediate solution. 


Overall Campaign Execution:

Pantene set out to make women’s lives better by delivering a real-time haircast to help them get beautiful hair whatever the weather. The brand tapped the leading authority on weather, The Weather Channel, to power its dynamic and personalized haircasts, and delivered them in a hyper-targeted way to maximize location relevancy across mobile, tablet, desktop, and TV — everywhere women check the weather.

Mobile Execution:

All the haircasts and Pantene solutions were keyed to specific zip codes with styling tips, making the message applicable to every woman’s individual situation.

Hot and Humid in Chicago = forecast Frizz. Solution: Smooth Serum with Argan Oil
Dry in L.A. = forecast Fried Hair. Solution: Daily Moisture Renewal

These daily haircasts were delivered via ad units that drove users to a mobile-optimized landing page featuring Walgreens branding and a $2-off coupon.

The brand also sent haircast kits to local meteorologists and beauty influencers, inviting them to share the local haircasts with their viewers and social networks. In-store product displays were arranged by weather condition so women could easily find the right solution, and at the flagship Walgreens in New York City, a celebrity stylist gave shoppers live haircast advice.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Not only did Walgreens restore its confidence in Pantene, but sales increased 24 percent. Additionally, the brand contributed to a 4 percent sales lift across the entire hair care category at Walgreens, demonstrating the program’s halo effect on Walgreens’ total business.

Pantene secured incremental merchandising at 5,500 Walgreens stores, exceeding its goal by 37.5 percent with a freestanding display unit that was in the main aisle of the store — a key location that gave the brand a high degree of visibility.

Women began checking their haircast as part of their daily routine, and the monthly volume of #haircast tweets increased by 7,441 percent.

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