Kum and Go: Kum & Go’s Deal of the Week

Campaign Summary

Kum & Go needed to find a way to cut through the clutter of advertising from larger competitors with bigger marketing budgets. The solution came in the form of an opt-in coupon program, advertised on social media and activated on mobile devices.


Objective and Context:

Convenience store chain Kum & Go had two primary objectives for its “Deal of the Week” campaign: to increase the brand’s social audience and to increase in-store visits and sales.

Target Audience:

The brand targeted on-the-go males and females from age 18 to 34 who were price-conscious and looking for a quick snack or beverage while pumping gas or on long road trips. Kum & Go’s presence, and therefore the bulk of its target audience, was located in the southern U.S. 

Creative Strategy:

To compete with larger competitors with bigger advertising budgets, Kum & Go needed to find a way to engage Millennials on their own terms. The solution was a social media campaign that took place within the newsfeeds on mobile devices, serving consumers coupons as ads. Consumers being served the ads could redeem the coupons in real time via their mobile devices or share the coupon with friends on Facebook. The brand created a printable, desktop version of the ad as well to increase the ease of use, which is crucially important to Millennials. 


Overall Campaign Execution:

The campaign was based around the Deal of the Week, a weekly discount on a product or product line designed to increase in-store traffic. Consumers who liked the Kum & Go Facebook page were served coupons on a weekly basis that could be scanned directly from their phone in the store.

Mobile Execution:

Being able to leverage mobile devices to place coupons directly in the hands of consumers greatly increased the chances they’d be redeemed. Kum & Go advertised the campaign within the Facebook mobile newsfeeds of its target audience. Users who clicked on the ad would first be brought to the Kum & Go Facebook page, and after liking it, they would be served a coupon they could print out or use via their mobile device.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Compared to previous campaigns, in a given week, Kum & Go garnered: 

  • 324 percent increase in total accessed coupons
  • 174 percent increase in redemption rate
  • 305 percent increase in total redemptions

For cumulative brand awareness, Kum & Go garnered: 

  • 43 percent increase in total number of Facebook followers
  • 54 percent lift in online brand awareness

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