AT&T: AT&T Career Site

Campaign Summary

Mobile media has changed the way individuals do everything, including search for jobs. AT&T developed a responsive website with an optimized mobile search function to draw top talent to the brand.


Objective and Context:

In order to re-establish itself as a leading employer in the U.S., AT&T developed a responsive website that would highlight the brand’s focus on driving innovation and integrity in every aspect of the organization and employee culture as well as make it easy for potential candidates to explore career possibilities with the company.

Target Audience:

The target audience was expansive, including everyone from college-aged to experienced workers looking for part-time and full-time employment as retail team members and managers, technicians, engineers, innovators, marketers, and business and call center professionals.

Creative Strategy:

The “Doing Great Things Together” career site was designed to highlight the core values and culture of AT&T.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The career site was developed as a responsive website that enabled efficient viewing and accessibility on any device. Modular navigation was built into the page design to steer the user down the appropriate path while highlighting supporting peripheral content along the way.

Mobile Execution:

The responsive website design enabled efficient viewing and accessibility on any device, and the mobile job search function allowed candidates unobstructed access to jobs and information from any point.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The year-over-year results (January to June, 2014 vs. 2013) have been encouraging:

  • 13 percent increase in time on the site (2:25 vs. 2:08)
  • 15 percent increase in visits (3,145,743 vs. 2,727,176)
  • 67 percent increase in page views (10,065,983 vs. 6,015,314)
  • 45 percent increase in pages viewed per session (3.20 vs. 2.21)

In the first quarter of 2014, AT&T had 236,000 job applications, resulting in over 3,700 hires.

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