Programmatic in Mobile – What Questions Need to Be Asked…then Answered? | MMA Global

The inaugural Programmatic Committee was held September 30, 2013 with about 15 of the 27 MMA committee member companies in attendance. Committee co-founders Ben Green of OpenX and Richard Lowden of RTBIQ opened the session with a run through of the original Strategic Framework and then the group turned to discussing what they see as the primary issues confronting programmatic in mobile.

Education of what programmatic is all about is critical – for sellers, buyers and brands. The needs on each side of the transaction are different and many asked that we address them distinctly. Most of the MMA members of this group are new to the space, so sharing insights is a little difficult because the companies that really “know” programmatic are not in a position to share.

What emerges as a critical next step is to get all the committee members (and new members as well) to help this group frame the right questions that we should be getting answers to; that is, don’t ask for the answers, just get at the questions, then individual companies can find the right solution to their needs. Any questions can be forwarded directly to [email protected].

Plan ahead – the next meeting for Programmatic will be October 28th, 1 PM ET.

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