The Location Committee – Progress of the In-Store Mobile Working Group | MMA Global

As previously announced, the Location Committee has formed a number of working groups to address discrete areas within the location segment of mobile. The In-Store Mobile group has met a few times and is planning to conduct a webinar the week of January 6th 2014 (timed just before the National Retail Federation show) – the subject: “Top 10 Things Retailers Need to Know About In-Store Mobile Marketing.”  These recommendations will build on the Future of Privacy Forum’s (MMA member company, led by Jules Polonetsky) recently released Code of Conduct to promote consumer privacy and responsible data use for retail location analytics.

The committee continues to work on a number of other initiatives, and MMA members are welcome to reach out and get involved in any of the following areas:

Also, with Jake Moskowitz leaving Nielsen we have transitioned Tom Eaton of Nielsen in as the new committee co-chair, joining Monica Ho of xAd. Next committee meeting: December 18th 2013, 2 PM ET.

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