World’s Largest Open Mobile Advertising Network AdMob Notches Major Milestone—250 Million Mobile Page Views Served per Month (Ad | MMA Global

World’s Largest Open Mobile Advertising Network AdMob Notches Major Milestone—250 Million Mobile Page Views Served per Month (Ad

August 30, 2006

World’s Largest Open Mobile Advertising Network AdMob Notches Major Milestone—250 Million Mobile Page Views Served per Month

Advertisers with any size budget are seeing results worldwide, with average click-through rates of 3% to 4%

August 31st, 2006. AdMob, Inc., the world’s leading mobile advertising marketplace, today announced that its network now serves 250 million mobile page views per month, and is quickly growing. This is a major milestone for both advertisers and mobile publishers, as the achievement demonstrates that the model that worked so well for the desktop Web is finally gaining traction on mobile devices.  

“Since we launched the AdMob marketplace eight months ago, the growth has been fantastic. With this kind of volume, and with global coverage, mobile advertising is clearly open for business.” said CEO and Founder Omar Hamoui.

The AdMob Marketplace offers advertisers access to the world’s largest network of mobile Web inventory, a powerful set of targeting tools, and real-time metrics and reporting. AdMob allows advertisers to run ads across a comprehensive set of mobile content channels, including communities, entertainment, news, and portals. With the recent addition of the contextual search channel, AdMob also allows advertisers to build campaigns that include mobile Web searches through Google’s mobile AdWords service.

Quick facts about AdMob and the AdMob Marketplace

1.     In less than eight months, the network has gone from 0 to 250M page views per month. With an average network growth rate of 150% per month, AdMob is the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile advertising company in terms of reach.

2.     AdMob’s marketplace allows advertisers to buy mobile ads on a variety of sites and likewise allows mobile publishers to sell advertising on their mobile sites. The typical AdMob mobile advertising campaign can be set up within minutes, allowing for almost instant results for both content owners and advertisers. By visiting, you can see live mobile advertising requests appearing in real-time, on the homepage, a tremendous validation of the system.

3.     Advertisers with budgets as small as $10 have used the network to generate results, with click-through rates of at least 5X those of traditional Web advertising.

4.     Hundreds of advertisers, ranging from small startups to top 10 global brands are currently using the network.

5.     The network is serving ads worldwide, with large amounts of traffic in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. For example, a U.S. brand can now run an advertising campaign in select international markets without going through the complicated process of working with a variety of region-specific carriers.

“Prior to AdMob, the only real business models in mobile were based upon subscription, hampering the adoption of a number of services which may have grown explosively if monetized via advertising.  AdMob was founded with the goal of revolutionizing mobile through advertising.  By enabling advertisers and publishers both small and large to use advertising as a viable business tool, we’re well on the way to achieving that goal.” states Hamoui.  

To celebrate the recent milestone, the company is offering free $20 advertising campaigns to new members of its network. To claim your $20 campaign and try AdMob, please visit

What is mobile advertising?
Mobile advertising allows consumers to find and access products, services and sites on the mobile Web. Advertisers can reach their customers with graphical or text based ad units. Publishers of mobile Web sites, applications and games can earn money by placing ads alongside their existing content, products or services. According to Ovum Research, U.S. mobile advertising revenue is projected to jump to $150 million this year from $45 million in 2005.

About AdMob
AdMob is the world's largest mobile advertising marketplace. Founded in 2006, AdMob allows advertisers to reach their customers on the mobile Web and publishers to increase the value of their mobile sites. AdMob offers both advertisers and publishers the ability to target and personalize advertising to their customers in 126 countries.

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