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July 11, 2006

VIBES MEDIA’S Mobile CAMPAIGNS Generate 100 MILLION MESSAGEs, Prove U.S. consumers are willing to embrace direct brand interaction

Mobile campaigns establish industry landmark for consumer interaction:  43 percent of messages originated by consumers themselves

CHICAGO, July 10, 2006 — Nearly half of the first 100 million text and picture messages processed by Vibes Media — a leading provider of interactive text message and mobile content marketing programs — were originated by consumers themselves, the company announced today. The numbers, based on the milestone 100 million messages achieved over more than 7,000 Vibes Media mobile campaigns, creates a new benchmark for measuring marketing effectiveness and direct brand-to-consumer interaction.

Vibes, which was founded in 1998, processed its 100 millionth message in June of this year. Vibes’ programs have drawn more than 10 million participants, for an average of 10 messages per interaction.

“While many of our competitors build up their numbers by aggregating other mobile suppliers’ messages or sending out mobile alerts, we hit the 100 million mark by creating true, one-to-one interactive dialogue between brands and their target consumers,” said <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Alex Campbell, CEO and co-founder of Vibes Media. “The mobile device is a great way to interact with someone, but it only works if that person wants to interact. We’ve had programs generate more than 93 messages per-person and have engaged consumers for over 44 hours at a time. This is especially noteworthy today when marketers are having trouble getting consumers to pay attention to a 30-second TV spot!”

Unlike many mobile marketers, the bulk of messages generated by Vibes Media’s campaigns are initiated by the consumer. Whereas many campaigns initiate first contact, Vibes’ programs utilize an outside prompt — delivered via radio, television, outdoor, product packaging or other media — to spark consumer action. This approach, based on industry best practices, eliminates mobile spam and is more effective at eliciting consumer response. Of the 100 million messages that have passed through Vibes’ systems, more than 43 million were originated by customers themselves, demonstrating the powerful interaction Vibes’ programs generate for its clients. 

“These industry milestones demonstrate not only that mobile marketing has truly hit the main stage, but also that consumers are ready and willing to actively participate in mobile campaigns if they are executed properly using industry best practices,” said Jack Philbin, president and co-founder of Vibes Media. “Having 43 percent of 100 million messages come directly from consumers themselves is unheard of in the industry. The true one-to-one relationships our campaigns establish with consumers deliver more value than other advertising or marketing mediums available.”

Vibes Media specializes in creating and executing mobile campaigns designed to engage customers and increase revenue. Vibes works with global brands in the wireless, entertainment and consumer packaged goods industries to deliver high-impact text and premium content-based campaigns that establish ongoing interactions.

The company has already launched major mobile campaigns for CBS Radio and Emmis Communications this summer. In addition, Vibes Media played a vital role in the development of Verizon Wireless’ Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest interactive multimedia experience, developing the “Create Your Own Adventure” text-message game portion of the massive campaign. The program allows customers to create individual adventures relating to story lines from the movie. They can negotiate thousands of fun-filled pathways, interact with characters from the movie, play mini-games, fight battles and win assorted prizes ranging from Pirates wallpaper to a paid trip to a future Pirates movie premier.

About Vibes Media
Vibes Media, of Chicago, has been creating mobile marketing programs since 1998. The company has developed proprietary interactive software and promotional programs that enable marketers to communicate with, motivate and retain their customers in ways they never could before. Vibes is uniquely positioned in the industry to provide marketing and promotional programs including end-to-end services, strategy development, communications, execution and post-program ROI analysis. Vibes can offer off-the-shelf programs or work with marketers to create a custom program designed for a particular business or marketing situation. The company has launched more than 7,000 text messaging programs and generated more than 100 million messages in the United States, partnering with wireless carriers, entertainment enterprises, musical acts, sports teams and leagues, and a wide variety of consumer brands.  Please visit
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