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United eWay Announces Launch of Mobile Tools (Mobile Accord)

June 23, 2006

United eWay Announces Launch of Mobile Tools
Nation’s Premier Non-profit Organization to Embrace the Mobile Channel, Utilizing SMS Text Messaging for Cutting Edge Constituent Interaction

United eWay Conference, Nashville, TN, June 22, 2006 - Taking a leadership role in the move to incorporate mobile technology into the world of philanthropy, United eWay, a wholly owned subsidiary of United Way of America, announced it will launch a new suite of advanced mobile communication and fundraising products to compliment its existing technology offerings.  To power its mobile platform, United eWay has partnered with Denver based Mobile Accord, Inc., the premier provider of mobile technology to the non-profit sector.

United eWay is the first major non-profit in the United States to embrace the mobile channel by providing corporate philanthropic initiatives, its parent organization, and third party non-profit clients with innovative ways of interacting with their donors and volunteers through mobile messaging.

“With the potential to reach approximately 200 million cell phone users in the U.S., this new technology will allow the United Way and our United eWay clients to connect with constituents, acquire new donors, and dramatically extend their overall reach through this vital new channel,” said Michael Schreiber, Chief Executive Officer of United eWay.  “This aligns perfectly with our mission to bring advanced technological solutions to local United Ways, their partners and their customers.”

United eWay’s initial mobile strategy, set to launch in August 2006, will focus on volunteer management and disaster relief.  As an example, mobile users will be invited via traditional marketing and advertising efforts to opt-in to a permission-based text alert program by sending the text message “JOIN” to 864833 (UNITED).  Each participant will receive text messages about ongoing volunteer opportunities in their community or how to help in the event of a disaster.  

The second phase of United eWay’s plan is focused on mobile fundraising, representing a revolutionary development in the world of individual giving.  Cell phone users will have the chance to instantly react to fundraising appeals and confirm their donation by simply sending a text message.  The charge for the donation appears on the donor’s regular monthly cell phone bill.

“Mobile technology sets the stage for true impulse giving by removing traditional barriers such as communicating credit card information or writing a check.  Cell phone users are empowered to act anytime, anywhere at the moment an appeal has top of mind awareness,” said <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />James Eberhard, Chairman of Mobile Accord, Inc.

United eWay clients will be able to easily integrate mobile fundraising appeals into television, radio, print and other outreach efforts.  In this example, a cell phone user would be able to make a donation by sending the text message “GIVE” to 864833 (UNITED).  Depending on the campaign, donors will be afforded the opportunity to make a one-time contribution or elect to have a recurring monthly gift added to their cell phone bill.

About United eWay
United eWay is a suite of products and services built to efficiently enable community-focused impact. It’s a fully-integrated, flexible and cost effective package of products designed to meet giving and community involvement goals while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction and personal touch. It’s the only technology solution that combines technological expertise, community knowledge, a global presence and a commitment to mobilizing communities and improving lives.

For more information on United eWay please contact Michael Schreiber, Chief Executive Officer, United eWay at (212) 701-2600 or email to [email protected]

About Mobile Accord, Inc.
Denver-based Mobile Accord, Inc. provides turnkey tools for organizations to leverage the power of mobile technology using SMS (text messaging), PSMS (premium SMS), and mobile content (ringtones, wallpapers, etc.).  With connectivity to all major North American wireless carriers Mobile Accord offers its clients a reach of nearly 200 million mobile phone subscribers.  Mobile Accord can easily make any part of an organization's existing outreach efforts mobile - for example, distributing urgent action alerts, volunteer opportunities, or donation requests via text message

As the first company in the United States to offer mobile tools specifically built for non-profit organizations, Mobile Accord is unique in its ability to facilitate wireless fundraising and constituent outreach campaigns while also helping clients understand the immense power of mobile technology. The company co-chairs the Mobile Marketing Association’s Short Code Working Group and is a member of the organization’s Consumer Best Practices committee.

For more information on Mobile Accord please contact Tony Aiello, Senior Vice President, Business Development at 866-720-3350 or email to [email protected]. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />