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Text Messaging Gets Personal (Airwide Solutions)

October 12, 2006

Text Messaging Gets Personal

AirMessenger Personal lets consumers and corporate users personalize the most pervasive messaging service

BURLINGTON, Mass., and READING, U.K. —  Oct. 11, 2006 Airwide Solutions, the leading provider of mobile messaging infrastructure and applications, today announced AirMessenger Personal, a family of network-level applications that lets subscribers add personalized enhancements to their SMS (short messaging service). AirMessenger Personal brings e-mail and parental control features to SMS while also providing enhanced security for subscribers. Both consumers and corporate subscribers can now archive, auto-reply, duplicate, create SMS groups, and apply personal anti-spam and security filters to inbound and outbound messages.

The AirMessenger Personal application family enables subscribers to personalize their messaging service through easily accessible SMS interfaces and Web portals. Mobile operators benefit from the opportunity to attract and retain new subscribers and increase revenues.

“SMS has been an unprecedented success, accounting for 68 percent of mobile messaging revenues worldwide, more than double that of IM (instant messaging), e-mail and MMS (multi-media messaging service) combined1. But until now, SMS functionality has been limited compared to e-mail services,” said Jay Seaton, CMO at Airwide. “AirMessenger Personal allows operators to leverage the popularity of SMS and offer differentiated, personal and valuable new services to attract and retain subscribers, stimulate usage and increase data service revenues and average revenue per user.”

AirMessenger Personal Applications:

-  Archive:  Provides subscribers with their own network SMS message store, keeping copies of all messages sent and received. Subscribers no longer need to worry about restoring important messages to a new handset as all messages can be sent to it from the archive.

-  AutoReply:  Allows users to set an auto-reply when away from their mobile phone to alert senders that the subscriber is unable to receive or respond to text messages.

-  Duplicate:  Allows subscribers to automatically copy received SMS messages to multiple people or devices, providing enhanced coverage options. Additionally, it is increasingly common for people to have a personal mobile phone, a business mobile phone and a mobile data card for a laptop. This feature allows users to set up an automated duplicate to ensure that desired messages are delivered to whatever device the subscriber is using. For corporate users, this also ensures that time-sensitive messages can be acted upon immediately. 

-  Groups:  Similar to the distribution list functionality of e-mail, this feature simplifies how users can share messages with groups of recipients, regardless of which network they are on, and without the difficulty of manually copying messages or typing in multiple phone addresses.

-  Inbox Guardian:  Unsolicited text messages are an emerging threat. Operator-level content filters are by definition broad and impersonal. However, Inbox Guardian lets subscribers control which messages reach their mobile phone by blocking certain sources or only allowing messages from specific numbers to get through. In addition, parents can use it to provide a secure, protected messaging environment for their children.

-  Outbox Guardian:  Allows controls to be set on which numbers the mobile phone is allowed to send messages to. Parents can configure Outbox Guardian to ensure their children only communicate with known friends and family. This also helps prevent the inadvertent sending of messages to premium rate numbers. Outbox Guardian can also be used by corporations to control misuse of company-issued mobile phones.

AirMessenger Personal is available immediately. 

Airwide Solutions
Airwide Solutions is the leader in next-generation mobile messaging infrastructure and applications, providing high-performance, field-proven software to more than 70 wireless operators in 46 countries. As one of the early mobile messaging innovators, Airwide Solutions introduced the first SMSC and sent the first commercial SMS (short message service) in 1992, introduced the first SMS router in 1998 and deployed the first A2P (application-to-person) MMS push gateway in 2003. Airwide continues this tradition of innovation with its industry-leading IMS and SIP-based open architecture, routers, gateways, applications and security solutions. Airwide Solutions is a global organization with offices in Australia, Canada, England, India, Singapore and the United States. For more information about Airwide Solutions, please visit www.airwidesolutions.com.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />