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SmartReply Launches Industry’s First CRM Loyalty Messaging Platform

February 13, 2007

SmartReply Launches Industry’s First CRM Loyalty Messaging Platform

Using the power of choice to help brands build customer loyalty

Irvine, California, February 14, 2007
– Today, at the 3GSM World Conference in Barcelona, Spain, SmartReply, the provider of voice and mobile messaging for over 80 major national and regional retailers in North America, launched the industry’s first CRM (customer relationship management) loyalty messaging platform that seamlessly integrates voice, mobile, and e-mail channels and enables SmartReply clients to give their customers a preferred choice medium through which they receive marketing messages. Companies can now reach unmatched levels of speed and flexibility in executing their CRM initiatives while ensuring their messages remain targeted, relevant and delivered in their customer’s most preferred manner.

The most sophisticated advertisers across <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />North America have identified the trend and challenges of customer-controlled marketing. What SmartReply calls the “Choice Generation” – customers that have high marketing value and little exposure to traditional advertising – has reached critical mass with TiVo-type DVRs, satellite radio, and the staggering decline of newspaper subscriptions. The result is weakened customer relationships and declining ROI from traditional marketing plans. Now with SmartReply’s solution, clients can begin to change the direction of their marketing from a push model to a preference-based dialog model – without sacrificing volume and ROI.

With SmartReply’s new CRM platform, consumers can opt-in to receive marketing messages or promotions from the brands they are loyal to, and they can select their preferred channel of communication, whether it is voice messages, e-mail or text messaging or any combination of the three. The system also provides a closed-end solution to deliver targeted incentives and measure customer response. And because the platform is paperless, interactive and ‘real time,’ clients can expect a high level of speed and flexibility while maximizing cost efficiencies.  

“We believe that the sovereignty of individual customer choice and the necessity of thoughtful marketing communications can finally align. This launch is a significant step toward our vision of bringing brands and people together in meaningful relationships,” states Eric Holmen, SmartReply’s president.  “Our team has worked intelligently and tirelessly to make this vision a reality.”

About SmartReply
SmartReply's voice and mobile messaging solutions have created breakthrough-marketing results for leading retailers throughout the United States and Canada. As the only voice and mobile messaging company dedicated to meeting the unique marketing challenges and objectives of retail executives, SmartReply's clients now have the proven ability to increase store traffic, lower marketing cost and strengthen brand affinity. Because of this, SmartReply is the provider of choice for more than 80 major regional and national retailers. Headquartered in Irvine, California, more information for partners and clients can be found at or by calling (800)-785-6769.

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