Real Hip Hop Set to Launch Subscription Service in Atlanta with Content, M-Coupons and M-Tickets | MMA Global
March 8, 2007


Burbank, Feb. 26, 2007 - Real Hip Hop (RHH) (, a VeriSign backed joint venture and pioneer of the largest digital distribution network for urban content owners, and bCODE, a mobile technology provider, today announced a joint partnership to launch M-Coupon and M-Ticket services with a dozen retail venues in Atlanta. The urban lifestyle partners will include fast-food restaurants, retail venues, club venues and movie theaters.

Branded as the "Real VIP" service, consumers can scan coupons and tickets directly from the screen of their mobile phones or PDA. Real Hip Hop monthly subscribers get discounts, VIP access to venues, exclusive digital content and the ability to purchase and receive instant movie tickets to their mobile phones. The service works with more than 99 percent of mobile devices in the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />U.S. market.

"Real Hip Hop's  business development and lifestyle product innovation skill set combined with bCODE's technology innovations made it possible to launch this world-pioneering mobile service in North America and the Urban community," said John Huffman, CEO of Real Hip Hop.  "We choose bCODE's technology because it was not restrictive to just high-end devices, but rather has the ability to stream video and music content to retail screens and mobile phones in real-time. Our motto is to continually improve the quality of life of our monthly subscribers. Therefore, this is perfect for our target audience."

Last month, Jupiter Research released a report stating that 24 percent of mobile phone owners in the U.S. are interested in receiving special offers and coupons on their mobile phones. Another report, authored by Juniper Research, predicts that the global mobile ticketing market will reach revenues of $38 Billion by 2009.

Upon scanning of the M-Coupon or M-Ticket, the user will now be identified by the system and be granted access to a number of different services using the web-enabled touchscreen. These include: viewing movie trailers, listening to music tracks, playing games, select personalized offers and have the option to download that digital content to his/her mobile phone or smart device.

For the M-Ticket service, the user will be able to purchase a movie ticket in as few as two short text messages, stating movie name and session time.  The ticket is then delivered in real-time to the mobile phone as a plain text message, ready for automated scanning and Real VIP access.

On the enterprise end, the Real VIP service provides its Advertising Partners an unprecedented level of real-time, physical world ad-targeting capabilities. For example, a soft drink ad can be personalized and targeted to a screen within seconds of the soft drink purchase at a fast food outlet or cinema candy bar.

For its Content Partners, it is a new channel to distribute relevant digital content within various retail environments. For example, distributing ringtones and MP3s for tracks playing at a club, or movie wallpaper at the theater.

For the Retail Venues, it is a new way to create a new mobile-enabled retail experience, generate customer loyalty through digital rewards and additional revenue through digital content up-sale.

Following a number of mobile barcode pilots in the U.S. that are limited by operator and by device, Real Hip Hop and bCODE are heading toward a fresh new direction with this New Media service using an all-compatible scanning system combined with a multimedia distribution platform.

"Text message marketing campaigns have so far been restricted to the text message itself. As an analogy, that's like an email marketing campaign without a website to click-through to. Our multimedia platform provides that 'website' for the text message to 'click' too. For the retailer and brand, it's about interacting with their customers to stay relevant, not just communicating with them. Huffman and his team have developed a uniquely entrenched subscription service for the Urban community. We are glad they have chosen us to be one of their key technology partners," said Michael Mak, CEO of bCODE.

You can see a demonstration of the bCODE product and Real VIP service at the CTIA Wireless conference in Orlando, Florida on March 27-29th, 2007.

About Real Hip Hop
Real Hip Hop, LLC, a subsidiary of Real Content Group, was established in 2005. The Los Angeles based digital solutions business is a joint venture between the Company's management team and VeriSign Incorporated. Real Hip Hop has amassed the largest digital distribution network available for urban content owners and creators. Cellular distribution partners include Cingular Wireless, Verizon Wireless, T-mobile, Sprint/Nextel, Boost Mobile, tier 2, rural and international carriers. The Company's direct to consumer distribution channels include, The Mob, Real Tone Jukebox,, Zingy and Playphone. Real Hip Hop's online distribution partners include iTunes, Yahoo Music, AOL Music, MSN, Napster, Rhapsody and over 200 digital download and video sites. Real Hip Hop is currently pre-loading content on over 5 million Motorola handsets. In addition to reaching over 500 million consumers via its digital distribution network, Real Hip Hop also provides the most complete online and mobile content marketing and business development solutions to content owners, creators, carriers, aggregators, marketers, advertisers and technology companies.

About bCODE
bCODE is a mobile ticketing and coupon technology provider. The bCODE mobile ticket delivery and redemption platform provides the world's most compatible solution for mobile ticketing. Unlike 1D/2D barcode and RFID-based mobile ticketing technologies that require a phone specific chipset or graphics, the bCODE's internationally patented solution is based on standard SMS text messaging and is supported by 99% of all mobile phones in the market including, PDAs, RIM Blackberry, Palm Treo and other devices like the Apple iPOD. bCODE's customers include Telstra, Australia Post, Jetstar Airways, Village Roadshow Cinemas, Greater Union Cinemas and a number of bars, clubs, restaurants and convention center venues in Australia.  bCODE has offices in Los Angeles and Sydney. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />