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Personalized Marketing: Identify and Remember Your Customer (TeriMobile)

April 16, 2007

Personalized Marketing: Identify and Remember Your Customer

April 13, 2007- In April 2007 TeriMobile has announced the beta release of the new comprehensive software platform to support Bluetooth communication process. The platform TeriZone developed by TeriMobile allows the consumers to choose what, where and from whom they will receive information, and what kind of information this will be.

There are a number of marketing and communications issues that TeriMobile addresses with its new solution:

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·          Opt-in: The bluecasting campaigns implemented so far have been leading to dissatisfaction of the receivers. TeriZone concept works only with those mobile users who have registered with the system and set their preferences.

·          Targeting: During the registration process the mobile users will be offered to set up their preferences: what, when, where, how often and from whom they wish to receive messages. The advertisers having access to the consumer preferences database will then have an opportunity to target the specific needs and requirements of the individuals. Thus the “Bluetooth broadcasting” (non-targeted and delivered to the masses) practice turns into the “Bluetooth narrowcasting” (personalized and delivered to an individual) process.

·          Creativity vs Spam. With the targeting opportunities the advertisers will see TeriZone as a support to creative and interesting campaigns in buzz marketing.

·          Proximity: TeriZone is an effective tool for implementing location based services. A Bluetooth-enabled mobile user will be able to receive information from the brands operating in the proximity area (such as movie trailers from a cinema nearby, flyers and coupons from various stores or cafes/restaurants in a trade centre, mp3 files with the tracks of the newly released music albums etc.).

The areas and industries where Bluetooth marketing techniques and location based services can be applied vary from retail chains and cafes through banks to municipalities. The more detailed but far not the complete list of application areas can be found here.

You can watch the video here to find out more advantages of being a registered user or advertiser at TeriZone.

For further information please contact
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