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Orange awards RAZZ™ "Best Entertainment Product"

January 16, 2006

Orange awards RAZZ™ "Best Entertainment Product"
RAZZ honored at Orange Code Camp in Opio, France.

San Francisco, CA - January 3rd, 2006 - Phonebites, Inc., a global publisher of entertainment software for mobile phones, announced today that the Company's RAZZ software has been awarded "Best Entertainment Product" at the Orange Code Camp in Opio, France. The RAZZ is a unique audio distribution channel that provides mobile phone users with the ability to insert sound clips into live conversations, voicemail and outgoing messages. Orange is one of the world's largest mobile operators with operations in 17 countries and over 56M subscribers. This award from Orange recognizes Phonebites' commitment to drive innovation in mobile entertainment.

"Phonebites is a fun and innovative company and RAZZ is fun technology that everyone on the judging panel thoroughly enjoyed and was fascinated by," said Steve Glagow, Director of Orange Partner and Operations. "Additionally, we have 17 countries in our operations, all with cultural differences, so Phonebites' ability to quickly localize their RAZZ sound packs is critical for Orange."

"We are honored to take home this prestigious award," said Jeff Malkin, Phonebites CEO. "Three years ago, we had a concept for interactive audio. Today, Orange has confirmed that RAZZ is one of the most exciting new content platforms in mobile entertainment."

Industry pundits consider the RAZZ to be the next hot category in the exploding mobile entertainment market. Ringtones were the catalyst and have quickly developed into a $4B industry. Next came ringbacks and they too are enjoying immediate and explosive growth. Now the RAZZ has raised the bar to an entirely new level. Designed as an interactive audio publishing platform, the RAZZ enables content owners to monetize their branded assets, provides mobile operators with a compelling new product offering and gives consumers a new fun application to enhance their voice communications.

Based in San Francisco, California, Phonebites, Inc. is a global publisher of entertainment software and services for mobile phones. Its proprietary mobile audio distribution channel, the RAZZ™, offers content providers new revenue streams, while giving consumers the ability to mix their favorite audio content into their phone conversations. For more information on Phonebites’ products and services, visit

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