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July 4, 2006

NeoMedia Signs PaperClick Marketing Agreement with China Company, Holds Exploratory Meetings with Asian Telecommunications Companies

FORT MYERS, Fla., and BEIJING, June 15, 2006 – NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM), an innovator in market-driven technologies, said today that it has signed a marketing agreement with a China-based company to introduce and market its patented PaperClick® ( direct-to-Web technology there. 

Chuck Jensen, president and CEO of NeoMedia Technologies, said an agreement was signed with Beijing Sino-U.S. Jinche Yingyang Auto Technological Services Ltd. of Beijing. NeoMedia officials, including Kevin Hunter, the company’s chief scientist and co-creator of PaperClick technology, took part in exploratory meetings with leading China telecommunication companies last week, where he explained and demonstrated PaperClick technology and prototype products designed for the consumer market.

“Asia is the recognized leader in adopting the Mobile Internet as an everyday way of doing business,” said Mr. Hunter, who developed or co-developed many of NeoMedia’s 27 patents.  “Camera cell phones and PDA’s are omnipresent in China, clearly demonstrating how the country has embraced handheld-based mobile applications as part and parcel of everyday life for consumers and business alike.  Mr. Hunter noted that, according to the 2006 edition of the Netsize Guide,
China leads the world in mobile subscribers – 335 million in 2005 -- with the U.S. next with 194 million.  Further, he said, the penetration rate for mobile subscribers in China for 2005 was only 26% as compared with 65% in the U.S.

NeoMedia’s PaperClick technology provides the means for consumer-oriented companies and enterprise organizations to link their products and services directly to specific relevant Web pages on the Mobile Internet, to be available anytime and anywhere. Users of PaperClick-enabled camera cell phones or PDA’s, such as Smartphone™ or Palm®, can click on barcodes with their handset’s camera, or enter a brand name, keyword or UPC digits in the Go-Window™ text bar to access multimedia information, request/receive coupons, tickets, samples, advertising and more, via the Mobile Internet.

Martin Copus, NeoMedia’s COO and head of its mobile business unit, agreed that accessing the Mobile Internet with cell phones and other handheld devices “is very well developed in Asia – far more so than the rest of the world.  <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

“China has the world’s largest cell phone market, with about one-fifth of the world’s cell phones and a million new subscribers coming on every month,” he said.  “NeoMedia is very excited about entering this vast and growing market with Jinche, with whom we are now working to find other partners who will bring PaperClick and other NeoMedia Mobile products to China, helping jump-start mobile marketing in his vast and growing marketplace for cell phone use.”

Mr. Jensen said Beijing Sino-U.S. Jinche will also help bring PaperClick to China’s special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau, together with Taiwan (R.O.C.). 

About NeoMedia Technologies, Inc.
NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. ( is a diversified global company offering leading edge, technologically advanced products and solutions for companies and consumers, built upon its solid family of patented products and processes, and management experience and expertise. Its mobile services group of companies offers end-to-end mobile enterprise and mobile marketing solutions, through its flagship direct-to-mobile-web PaperClick® technology, and ground-breaking products and services from 4 (shortly to be 5) of the USA’s and Europe’s leading mobile marketing providers. By linking consumers and companies to the interactive electronic world, NeoMedia delivers one-to-one, permission-based, personalized and profiled dialogue -- anytime and anywhere.

The PaperClick suite of easy-to-use, market-driven products and applications are based on a strong foundation of patented technology, comprising the PaperClick ( platform, PaperClick for Camera Phones™ and the PaperClick Mobile GoWindow™ and CodeWindow™, all of which provide One Click to Content™ connectivity for products, print, packaging and other physical objects to link directly to specific desired content on the mobile web.

NeoMedia’s recently acquired companies and offerings include 12snap AG (, a Munich, Germany-based award-winning leader in mobile marketing and entertainment applications; Mobot, Inc. (, a Lexington, Massachusetts-based pioneer in mobile visual recognition technology; Sponge Ltd. (, a London, UK-based leader in developing and implementing mobile marketing applications and content delivery; and Gavitec AG - mobile digit (, a
Würselen, Germany-based leading provider of mobile technology and marketing solutions.

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