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NeoMedia’s qode to Lead Direct-to-Web Connectivity Worldwide (NeoMedia)

July 4, 2006

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NeoMedia’s qode to Lead Direct-to-Web Connectivity Worldwide

FORT MYERS, Fla., June 28, 2006 – NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM),
an innovator in market-driven technologies, today announced that its patented direct-to-Web technology – already the most sophisticated platform of its kind –  has been further enhanced and rebranded to qode®.

, which evolved from NeoMedia’s core PaperClick® technology, is a suite of applications and customizable mobile marketing solutions that link consumers directly to desired pages on the mobile Web.  This patented technology turns brand names, barcodes and smartcodes into hyperlinks to the Mobile Internet; simply by scanning a code with a cell phone (or PDA) camera or entering keywords or barcodes in a search-style window, consumers bypass long URLs, search engines or difficult-to-navigate phone menus.  qode links mobile users quickly and directly to advertising, mobile commerce, polling, promotions (such as rebates, contests and coupons) and numerous other consumer and enterprise applications.

NeoMedia also announced that it planned to make qode code-agnostic – i.e. read most if not all types of (one-dimensional) barcodes and (two-dimensional) smartcodes, including QR, the “Quick Response” style of smartcode that is available open-source and has become a marketplace phenomenon in Japan where more than 20 million mobile phones already carry code-scanning software, as well as a number of other proprietary symbologies.

NeoMedia plans to launch qode later this year.   

Martin Copus, COO of NeoMedia and head of its mobile business unit, explained the reasoning behind the re-branding exercise.

“The original name, PaperClick, made a lot of sense. You would embed a special code into any ‘paper’ document, use a device to read that code, and with a ‘click’ take the person to the Internet where a lot more information could be found relating to that document. With the proliferation of mobile devices and applications, however, this technology saw its market potential move well beyond its original application and name.

“Now,” he said, “with our strong Intellectual Property portfolio and our increasing ability to scan all kinds of codes, we are setting out to create a Global Industry Standard for direct-to-mobile-Internet connectivity, so a powerful, assumptive, high level brand-name becomes not only desirable but necessary – and qode really delivers the goods. The fact that NeoMedia already owned the trademark rights to qode from a previous business transaction made it a natural choice.”

“Mobile marketing enables brand marketers to interact with consumers, like never before, creating a one-to-one dialogue with their consumer, anytime and anywhere,” said Laura Marriott, President of the Mobile Marketing Association.  “MMA member companies, like NeoMedia, are leading in the development of this exciting new channel.”

takes the exciting new medium of mobile marketing (where marketers interact with consumers via their cell phone) to new heights by offering one click connectivity™ direct to the mobile Web, where web sites and multimedia can be quickly and simply accessed. qode also incorporates a set of personalization fields and reporting options that empower the marketer to develop and grow one-to-one relationships with new and existing customers, wherever and whenever the consumer chooses. Although just poised to take off in the U.S., mobile marketing has already been embraced by major household-name marketers and their consumers in Asia and Europe. qode also goes beyond consumer marketing, with enterprise applications including product registration, homeland security, food labeling, inventory control and more.

The qode platform works with any Web-enabled mobile device – no small feat considering the plethora of handsets, carriers and subscription options today. Some of the new enhancements made to the qode platform by NeoMedia include:

·          The qode Link Manager -- the application used by marketers to link URLs to a keyword, barcode number, or smartcode as a part of their mobile campaign -- has been greatly enhanced. Its rules processing now includes day parting, which allows marketers to deliver different content based on the time of day -- down to the minute if desired -- and smartcodes can now be generated in Encapsulated Post Script (EPS) as well as PNG, TIFF and Bitmap file formats for maximum flexibility in artwork and production finishing applications;

·          The architecture of the qode platform is now a distributed model, providing even greater reliability and improved scalability;

·          The qode mobile software is now available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and German, with Chinese to be added shortly;

·          Downloading qode to a mobile phone is now easier and faster than downloading many ringtones, with the qode platform recognizing the make and model of a user’s handset, and automatically providing the right version of software for download.

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About NeoMedia Technologies, Inc.
NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (
) is a diversified global company offering leading edge, technologically advanced products and solutions for companies and consumers, built upon its solid family of patented products and processes, and management experience and expertise. Its mobile services group of companies offers end-to-end mobile enterprise and mobile marketing solutions, through its flagship direct-to-mobile-web qode® technology, and ground-breaking products and services from 4 (shortly to be 5) of the USA’s and Europe’s leading mobile marketing providers. By linking consumers and companies to the interactive electronic world, NeoMedia delivers one-to-one, permission-based, personalized and profiled dialogue - anytime and anywhere.

The qode suite of easy-to-use, market-driven products and applications are based on a strong foundation of patented technology, comprising the qode ( platform, qode®reader for camera phones, and the qode®window barcode and keyword entry tool, all of which provide One Click to Content™ connectivity for products, print, packaging and other physical objects to link directly to specific desired content on the mobile web. 

NeoMedia’s recently acquired companies and offerings include 12snap AG (
), a Munich, Germany-based award-winning leader in mobile marketing and entertainment applications; Mobot, Inc. (, a Lexington, Massachusetts-based pioneer in mobile visual recognition technology; Sponge Ltd. (, a London, UK-based leader in developing and implementing mobile marketing applications and content delivery; and Gavitec AG - mobile digit (, a Würselen, Germany-based leading provider of mobile technology and marketing solutions.

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