My ringtones, my wallpapers and the help of a nice octopus - dynetic mobilizes eBay promotions | MMA Global
October 5, 2007



My ringtones, my wallpapers and the help of a nice octopus - dynetic mobilizes eBay promotions

ebay fans from Germany can now download wallpapers and ringtones from the new eBay marketing campaign. Using dynetic’s emoveo UAP™ platform, eBay promotion themes are perfectly displayed on every mobile device – annoying scrolling is a thing of the past. On the mobile promotion site, users have access to a variety of interesting content such as audio data or special promotion themes. They could order the content by typing a short code on their mobile phone. Afterwards they are able to experience the new promotion site with the help of an interactive animal. The octopus Pia Pulpo guides you through the menu and invites you to try the various activities.

Online activities are very popular. And more and more, the users would not like to miss any bargain hunting even on the go and so they bid via their mobile phones. But that is not enough: They also like to download content such as wallpapers and ringtones from the same site. emoveo UAP™ makes it possible that the content is optimized for every mobile device. And always there: The octopus Pia helping with tips and giving advice while searching for TV spots or ringtones.

dynetic’s emoveo UAP™ technology converts any type of content automatically for delivery to virtually any mobile device – texts, images, video and audio. The content is adjusted to the right format and in the highest quality for each mobile device's display and is presented accordingly.
Using emoveo UAP™, enterprises can tap into the vast potential of mobile phones – whether they want to display their traditional online material in a mobile way or develop new business ideas - from mobile portals to social community sites.
With the mobile promotion site, eBay and dynetic continue with their close cooperation. Furthermore, dynetic implements the mobile eBay offerings such as WAP sites, SMS rebidding or clients for more than 12 countries like the US, Germany, France and the UK.

“eBay offers now content and themes of their German marketing campaigns for mobile devices. Users can download and personalize a variety of content of their phones. Whether wallpapers or ringtones of TV spots, our emoveo UAP™ technology makes it possible. So eBay gets tailor-made promotions”, says Michael Neidhoefer, CEO of dynetic