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Mogreet's 2013 Guide to Text Message Regulations and Best Practices

February 27, 2013

We are so excited to share the first edition of Mogreet’s 2013

Guide to Text Messaging Regulations and Best Practices!  This document guides mobile marketers through
the many rules surrounding text marketing.

Text messages (plain text SMS and multimedia rich MMS) are playing
a much bigger role in driving sales and building customer loyalty than ever
before. With a 95% open rate, and accessible to 98% of all mobile consumers,
text message marketing is a quick and effective way to communicate with a
mobile customer and drive a desired response (i.e. notify a consumer of an
event, stimulate a sale and offers, promote a product, etc.) using engaging
content, including incentives and offers and featuring branded multimedia
including images and video.

It is key to note that text message marketing is very heavily
regulated. In order to keep this medium free from unsolicited messages, which historically
have hurt the effectiveness of other marketing channels (i.e. direct mail,
email marketing), responsible governing bodies carefully monitor all text
message marketers and their programs.

While text marketing rules and regulations appear intimidating,
many of mobile marketing’s best practices are steeped in good old fashion
common sense.

This guide provides an overview of the steps needed to build a
strong, successful text marketing program, easily and painlessly including how

  • Build a compliant
    database of happy customers
  • Only send message to
    legally obtained opted-in numbers
  • Document & save
    program opt-ins and messaging permissions
  • Clearly communicate what
    people are signing up for up front to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Add your text marketing
    privacy policy to your website for easy access
  • Include multimedia for
    better customer engagement and action
  • Work with legal to
    ensure your program offerings are compliant
  • Follow through on your
    promise and send what you said you would send
  • Follow laws for
    marketing based around alcohol, tobacco, & marketing directed towards
    children under 13

This guide is based on rules and regulations in place as of
February 2013. Readers are encouraged to refer to documents published online by
the CTIA, MMA, carriers, FCC and FTC for updates.

To read Mogreet’s best practices guide in its entirety,

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