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Mobilitec Unveils International Research Project To Understand How Teens Use Mobile Content (Mobilitec)

July 4, 2006

Mobilitec Unveils International Research Project To Understand How Teens Use Mobile Content

First Results Show Teens Around the World Want Service Providers to Market to Them

SAN MATEO, CA – June 26, 2006 – Mobilitec, a global provider of software that lets mobile service providers offer content to their subscribers, today unveiled its new global research project – The Lab at Mobilitec – and findings from the first assignment. The Lab consists of a group of 11 teens from around the world who complete a monthly task using their mobile phones. The key findings reveal the teens’ behaviors, preferences and demands regarding downloading content to their mobile phones.

Each month the participants find, access, use and pay for different types of mobile content. Mobilitec asks them to provide feedback and rate their experiences at every stage of the process. Teens represent the majority of mobile content consumers and this research provides a forum for them to voice their experiences, opinions and suggestions to the mobile industry. Mobilitec compiles and analyzes the feedback and translates the results into knowledge that can help the company deliver a competitive advantage to its customers and partners.

Margaret Norton, President and CEO of Mobilitec commented, “We were surprised to learn that the teens wanted to be marketed to as part of the mobile experience.  The Internet generation not only expects but wants to be reached with advertising and special offers that are personal and relevant to them.”

Key Findings
In their first assignment, Mobilitec asked The Lab members to use their phone to download four mobile games: two specific games (JAMDAT Bowling, PacMan or Tetris) and two games of their choice.

Internet Sets the Standard
The Lab members used the Internet as their benchmark for a good mobile experience. They expected the ease, speed, graphics, sound and marketing that they get on the Internet. They were frustrated when downloading a game took over 10 seconds or the graphics weren’t as good as a computer.

Teens Have Persistence and Patience
All the teens experienced some challenges in finding, downloading or playing games but they expected a learning curve and had the confidence to continue until they figured it out. Three teens had to call customer service to get help; two could not find the games on their phones after purchasing them, and one had to wait five days for an email response. But when it came to rating the overall experience, the average rating was 3 out of 5 or “good”.

Brands Rule
The teens were surprised that there weren’t more games that tied into the brands they recognize.  They were looking for television and movie tie-ins as well as games they had played on their computers or game consoles.  This finding suggests the importance of mobile operators visibly and aggressively marketing branded content.

Make Me Want to Buy
Growing up as the Internet generation, 100% of The Lab members expected to be marketed to on their phones, just as they are on the Internet, TV and other media. They anticipated advertising or special offers. They wanted email and SMS telling them about new games, good deals and ways to rate and share games they liked with other teens.

The Games Aren’t Half Bad…Short And Sweet
Most of The Lab members enjoyed the games they bought. And most named other games they would like to buy. They all felt the price, $2 in India to $7 in Europe and the US, was too high for length and quality of the games. Many requested more color and better graphics.

June Bower, Vice President of Marketing for Mobilitec, explained the value of the findings. “First, network operators and content providers need to ask themselves how teens decide to buy games,” said Bower. “The teen demographic is hugely brand aware. The teens are looking for brands they know from movies, TV and games they play on their PC or game console. Teens judge quality and relevance through brands. The teens didn’t know how to make a decision on what to buy when they were presented with a long list of games that were completely unfamiliar to them.”

“Delivery is also a key issue,” said Norton. “Mobile operators need to offer content that is easy to access and quick and reliable to download. That’s why we want to keep our customers at the leading edge of content development and delivery.”

About The Lab at Mobilitec
Mobilitec established The Lab in the spring of 2006 to help increase understanding about how teenagers and young adults use mobile content. The team has 11 members, ages 13-17, from around the world. They are all using their existing mobile service and phone. The team is given a monthly assignment – for example, downloading games – and then they are asked about their experience.   See monthly results, meet The Lab members and get member quotes at

About Mobilitec
Mobilitec is a leader in software for mobile operators. Using Mobilitec’s content platform, operators sell integrated mobile content including ringtones, games, music, videos and TV. Through a single platform that supports all media types, Mobilitec speeds content management, expands merchandising and ensures delivery-thus helping operators maximize content revenue while increasing operational efficiencies. Operators worldwide rely on Mobilitec to serve over 300 million subscribers. Mobilitec is a privately held company headquartered in California with sales and support offices worldwide. For more information visit

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