February 22, 2006


Enhanced Mobile Wallet Lets Consumers 'Shop 'n Go' with their Cell Phones to Instantly Get Rewards and Pay for Purchases at their Favorite Merchants

BOSTON - FEBRUARY 21, 2006 - MobileLime(r), the first U.S.-based company to turn the mobile phone into a marketing, loyalty and payment device, today unveiled a next generation platform that will allow consumers to get rewards and pay for purchases by waving their cell phone over a contactless reader at their favorite merchants.  Incorporating Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the enhanced MobileLime platform will add unprecedented speed, convenience and interactivity to the company's award-winning real-time marketing, cardless loyalty and mobile payment solutions. 

"Clearly, contactless payments are gaining momentum in the industry," said Dr. J. Gerry Purdy, Principal Analyst with MobileTrax.  "MobileLime has developed a total solution for NFC mobile commerce for SmartCards and NFC-compatible cell phones.  Their total solution enables merchants and consumers to not only use the cell phone for contactless payments but also benefit from real time marketing and cardless loyalty."

MobileLime has been improving the consumer shopping experience by leveraging mobile technology since 2001.  With its current platform the company provides merchants with a complete range of mobile payment, cardless loyalty and real-time marketing solutions that: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

·          Increase the visit frequency and average spend per visit

·          Speed-up check out times

·          Drive customers to preferred payment methods

·          Build customer loyalty

"Moving to NFC is a natural evolution for MobileLime, from both a technology and customer perspective," said Robert Wesley, president and CEO of MobileLime.  "We were the first to market with mobile payments in the US and understand not only the challenges of the technology, but have successfully leveraged the learnings to create a complete mobile shopping solution that drives merchant sales while rewarding consumer loyalty."

In growing numbers, consumers are paying at the gas pump and zipping through toll lanes with special radio frequency equipped tags and cards.  NFC is a standards-based short-range wireless connectivity technology that is installed at more than 27,000 merchant locations nationwide and growing. 

With the enhanced MobileLime wallet, users with an NFC compatible phone will just click the lime from the menu screen, choose the credit card they want to use and wave their phone over the contactless reader that's integrated with the point of sale system at checkout. For added security, the user can configure a PIN required to complete each transaction. With the simple shop 'n go technology, consumers can automatically redeem Clip 'n Go(r) mobile coupons, get rewards and pay for purchases at their favorite merchants.

"Our mobile rewards program from MobileLime has been recognized by the retail and mobile industries for its practical innovation. It's fully integrated into our point of sale system, has done wonders for our business-- and our customers love it," said Charlie Bougas, president of Boston-based Broadway Marketplace. "We are looking forward to building on our success with MobileLime by allowing our customers to get rewards AND pay for purchases quickly and easily with their cell phones."

MobileLime's platform is fully integrated into the point of sale and carrier and handset agnostic, making their marketing and loyalty applications accessible to the more than 200 million cell phone subscribers in the US today. 

About MobileLime(r)
MobileLime is the first U.S.-based company to turn the mobile phone into a marketing, loyalty and payment device, enabling merchants to build sales and loyalty in ways never before possible.

With MobileLime, consumers can use their mobile phones to personalize their shopping experience with valuable information and offers, take advantage of loyalty programs without carrying a card, and use their mobile phones as a quick and secure way to pay for purchases.  MobileLime enables merchants to create a true one-to-one relationship with their customers - reaching them through multiple channels with timely and targeted promotions when customers are most receptive.  Merchants can take advantage of cost-effective high-impact interactive cardless loyalty programs, and let customers pay with their mobile phones, speeding checkout and cutting costs by offering flexible payment options.

Recently awarded the 2005 Global Retail Technology Award for Best In-Store Innovation and the Innovation Award from the Global Mobile Marketing Association, MobileLime, a service of Vayusa, Inc., is privately held and based in the Boston area.  To learn more, please visit

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