KWIZA, More than a game | MMA
June 17, 2020
Yonder Media developed and launched the  KwiZa Whatsapp game as a small company contribution to the Covid 19 cause. The game was not only created to provide free entertainment during the Covid 19 local lockdown period, but also to educate the general public about the virus. It also serves as a playful showcase of the potential of IM bots using a common-sense user experience mix of menu-driven and natural language options – and how a bot (in this case the “quizmaster”) can be imbued with personality.


The platform also to helps bring brands together in an effort to highlight and encourage their contribution to the crisis. To start playing, simply WhatsApp ‘Hi’ to 087 240 5252 or using your smartphone, click here: Brands who would like to get involved can contact the KwiZa team at [email protected]
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