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Hook Mobile Launches First Cross-Carrier Multimedia Mobile Trading Cards with CBS’ Hit Reality TV Show “Survivor” (Hook Mobile)

October 10, 2006

Hook Mobile Launches First Cross-Carrier Multimedia Mobile Trading Cards with CBS’ Hit Reality TV Show “Survivor”

Company Pioneers New Collectible Content Platform: Next-Generation Technology Combines Mobile Messaging, Marketing, and Social Gaming

Alexandria, VA – October 5, 2006 – Hook Mobile, a leader in Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) innovation, today announced the launch of the first cross-carrier mobile trading card set with CBS’s hit reality TV show “Survivor.” By leveraging the company’s innovative platform -- the first to combine multimedia messaging, marketing and social gaming for the creation of mobile collectible content – Hook Mobile and CBS are defining the next-generation of trading cards. Hook Mobile’s patent-pending platform – the Mobile Asset eXchange, or M.A.X – combines a digital printing engine, “collect-to-win” redemption engine and digital tracking of individual cards, taking mobile content and social networking to new levels. 

This first-of-its-kind mobile marketing campaign offers viewers the opportunity to receive, trade and collect mobile trading cards in an effort to win cash prizes and merchandise. By simply texting the keyword “TRIBE” to the short code 87233 (TRADE) or visiting http://tradingcards.cbs.com, collectors can receive a set of three unique, randomly distributed cards from a total set of 61, representing Survivor’s Cook Islands cast, island scenery, tribe cards or the ultra-rare challenge cards. Participants can manage their card collection online, trade with others by simply sending the card in a message and purchase additional packs to complete their collection. There are also over 500 “Instant Win” cards distributed randomly in packs, containing Survivor gear and cash prizes.

“We are pleased to announce a new category of mobile content by introducing the time-honored concepts of scarcity, random distribution and collecting with the first ever Mobile Trading Cards” said Brian Kathman, Hook Mobile CEO.  “By linking the mobile and online experience, our network-based application enables brands of all kinds to build social communities based around peer-to-peer mobile messaging that leverages their multimedia content in a dynamic, new way.”

Hook Mobile is pioneering the next wave of text messaging innovation that enables mobile subscribers to send and receive multimedia content using the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) feature on all multimedia and camera phones.. According to research firm IDC, by next year there will be approximately 80 million MMS subscribers in the US, leading to an anticipated $7.4 billion in new subscriber revenue. Hook Mobile is aiming to help carriers, media companies and major consumer brands take advantage of this trend with its “collectible content” programs. The Survivor content is available to subscribers on the Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless and Sprint networks immediately, and on T-Mobile by mid-October. 

“By introducing the peer-to-peer sharing of multimedia assets, mobile content is no longer a one-way proposition” said Casey Jones, SVP of Marketing for Hook Mobile. “We believe that digital assets will become the social currency of our generation, so compelling multimedia content like this  will fuel the coming explosion of MMS in the U.S.  Now content providers and marketers  have a dynamic new way to build loyalty and grow revenues through the mobile channel.” 

Hook Mobile, headquartered in Alexandria, VA, was founded by mobile and interactive marketing pioneers Brian Kathman, Peter Fuller and Casey Jones to deliver multimedia innovations to the mobile industry. The three founders patented the technology for Hook Mobile after identifying the need to “mobilize” existing fan communities in the sports, media, entertainment, and games markets in a way that drives viral appeal, loyalty and recurring revenue streams.  

To learn more about the Survivor trading card promotion, visit http://tradingcards.cbs.com

About Hook Mobile

Hook Mobile is pioneering the category of “mobile collectible content “with a patent-pending technology platform that introduces scarcity, random distribution, online collection and peer-to-peer trading to MMS wireless content. Founded by a team of mobile business, technology and marketing veterans, the company focuses on “generation content” and emerging trends in multimedia mobile marketing for entertainment, sports, consumer goods and gaming companies.  The company recently won a “Technology Pace Setter” award at “The New New Internet Conference” for Web 2.0 strategy. To learn more, visit www.hookmobile.com.

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