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Halfbrick and OtherLevels Team up to Keep Mobile Gamers Engaged

December 3, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, November 27, 2012 – Acclaimed game developer Halfbrick, well-known around
the world for its phenomenally popular mobile and handheld titles, is joining forces with
OtherLevels, a leader in analytics and retargeting for push, SMS and mobile email messaging, to maximize the value of its mobile gaming audience. Halfbrick is using OtherLevels’ global analytics platform to boost audience engagement and create monetization opportunities within its mobile game apps by measuring push notifications in 13 languages, across 24 time zones.

Halfbrick produces some of the world’s most popular mobile game apps, including Fruit Ninja. As of May 2012, the game had been downloaded over 300 million times and is installed on a third of all iPhones in the US. With such tremendous download volumes, Halfbrick needed a partner that would help fine tune its mobile messages. Through OtherLevels’ platform, Halfbrick can determine which messages are more effective by analyzing the degree to which one trumps another, called A/B split testing – all without disrupting game play.

“A gamer in the United States isn’t necessarily going to respond to a push notification in the same way a player in Indonesia or China would,” said Brendan O’Kane, CEO of OtherLevels. “We’re helping Halfbrick better understand its audience and drive ROI by showing which messages generate longer game play, increase in-app purchases and other conversions as well as the right moment to deliver push messages for maximum relevance and impact.”

Armed with this level of granular data, including individual or derived cohort levels, means in-game messaging will be timely and relevant to the user, and more likely to be acted upon. In other words, effective in-game messaging that becomes game-like in itself. And that’s exactly the kind of win-win gamers and marketers are looking for to keep players engaged with the real world while they play in a virtual one.

“We wanted an experienced partner with international focus who could provide us with best-practice knowledge and deep strategic guidance on our push efforts so we could better engage the millions of active users who play our games daily,” said Halfbrick CEO, Shainiel Deo. “OtherLevels’ expertise is unmatched and we couldn’t be more pleased to be working with them.”

OtherLevels’ platform is built to analyze hundreds of millions of push, SMS and mobile email messages for companies across multiple verticals, and provides the necessary intelligence to engineer better mobile messaging campaigns.  For more information about OtherLevels or to schedule an interview with Brendan O’Kane, please contact Vanessa Horwell at 305-749-5243 ext. 232 or at [email protected], or Amanda Williams at 305-749-5243 ext. 238 or at [email protected].

About OtherLevels

OtherLevels enables mobile games developers, brands and publishers using Push Notification, SMS and Mobile Email Messaging engage, retain and maximize the value of their audiences through mobile messaging analytics and retargeting. Based in San Francisco and Brisbane, Australia, OtherLevels offers dynamic A/B split message testing, targeting, and retargeting capabilities through its real-time app and mobile web analytics engine. Marketers can track, review, and act upon a wealth of granular data including pushes sent vs. pushes opened, organic open rates vs. message-prompted open rates, by linking individual message copy to user behavior. OtherLevels provides a simple set of Native App and Mobile Web  libraries that embed their capabilities into all mobile platforms, while working seamlessly with push vendors and SMS aggregators, as well as in-house Push solutions. OtherLevels supports clients with as many as 300 Million app downloads, demonstrating scale that can meet the demands of the largest global enterprises.

For more information, please visit www.otherlevels.com.


About Halfbrick

Founded in 2001, Halfbrick has been on the forefront of the Australian game development industry for more than a decade. After years of experience developing licensed titles for platforms such as Game Boy® Advance, Nintendo DS™ and PSP®, the studio began expanding its portfolio with a range of original self-published games for downloadable platforms. In 2010, Halfbrick became one of the most well known independent developers in the world with the success of Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash and Age of Zombies on mobile devices, and other releases such as Raskulls and Fruit Ninja Kinect on Xbox LIVE® Arcade. The studio continues to create fun and unique games and looks to explore new opportunities and technologies in the world of casual games development.

For more information, please visit www.halfbrick.com

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